NHL 19: New Gameplay Technology arrives – 5 more things we want to see

On September 14, NHL 19 hits the shelves. Here’s what we want to see in the new edition of EA’s game.

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(Photo Credit: EA Sports)

As has been the case for the last few years, NHL 18’s release included some new game modes, new functions, and an update to the graphics. On the whole, it was well-met; but, as soon as a month after its release, people began writing up what they want to see in NHL 19. 

While it’s a fantastic ice hockey game that offers the most realistic experience on the market, there are many fixes that EA have simply neglected for a number of years. Nevertheless, there is much optimism around the NHL 19 edition. 

EA are going all-out to make this their biggest NHL game yet. There’s a fantastic looking new game mode in which we’ll get to play on frozen ponds, somewhat akin to FIFA Street but for ice hockey, as well as a massive influx of legends – 200 to be exact – who won’t just be featuring in Hockey Ultimate Team. Most importantly for many, EA claim to be providing a much better gaming experience through ‘cutting-edge new gameplay technology.’