NHL 19 Draft: Best Players and Top Draft Steals 2020

A simulation of five seasons in NHL 19 Franchise Mode has revealed the best picks of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

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Building a team in Franchise Mode entails many aspects, one of the most important is the annual NHL Entry Draft. The second draft to occur in NHL 19’s Franchise Mode is the 2020 NHL Entry Draft and features one, possibly two, superstar prospects. By simulating five seasons, we’ve found which players develop the best in the three years after being picked. 

Starting with the September 13 Roster, many of the players who appear in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft are automatically generated players and could appear at different pre-draft teams and with different names in any given simulation. But, by using their nationality, position, and pick number, you should be able to find them when doing your scouting. 

Generally, the draft picks follow the Central Scouting Rankings, so these highly-rated players will likely fall in similar rounds to their simulated spots here.

Finally, these are the results of a simulation, and the overall ratings three years on from the draft can vary depending on the player’s usage and when they’re called up to the AHL or NHL lines.

Patrik Brendl (92 OVR in 2023) 

Team: N/A
Drafted: 1st, 1st Round
Potential: Franchise med
Position: Two-Way Defenseman
Nationality: Czech
Height: 193cm
Weight: 95kg
Shoots: Right
Best Stats: Stick Checking 94, Body Checking 93, Slap Shot Power 93, Wrist Shot Power 93, Defensive Awareness 93

In this simulation, the player who looks primed to go first overall in the real-life 2020 NHL Entry Draft – Alexis Lafreniere – was beaten to the punch by this Czech defenseman. In some game modes, such as an Expansion Mode with the September 13 Roster, Brendl or his equivalent doesn’t appear, but he just might in your Franchise Mode. With franchise-altering potential, Brendl is usable straight away, with his 92 strength, 92 defensive awareness, and 91 offensive awareness becoming some of the defenseman’s best attributes. 

Alexis Lafreniere (88 OVR in 2023)

Team: Rimouski Oceanic, QMJHL
Drafted: 2nd, 1st Round
Potential: Elite high
Position: Left Wing Playmaker
Nationality: Canadian
Height: 185cm
Weight: 87kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Offensive Awareness 99, Defensive Awareness 94, Durability 93

If the franchise-potential defenseman from the Czech Republic doesn’t occur, Alexis Lafreniere will be the number one overall pick in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft with this roster setup on NHL 19. Last season, as a 16-year-old, he scored 80 points in 60 games in the QMJHL, starting this season as the alternate captain at 17-years-old, and scoring 15 points through ten games. Lafreniere boasts buckets of potential on NHL 19 as well, with ratings of 88 hand-eye, 88 passing, 88 puck control, and 90 deking just three years on from the draft. Plus, if he’s played enough in a top-six role early on, Lafreniere is known to see his potential rise to Franchise med. 

Artem Chubarov (84 OVR in 2023)

Team: N/A
Drafted: 6th, 1st Round
Potential: Elite med
Position: Right Wing Sniper
Nationality: Russian
Height: 173cm
Weight: 81kg
Shoots: Right
Best Stats: Offensive Awareness 91, Slap Shot Accuracy 91, Wrist Shot Accuracy 91, Acceleration 91

Diminutive Russian Artem Chubarov more than makes up for his lack of stature with his near-impeccable sniping skills. With decent puck skills and, incredible speed, 90 slap shot power, 90 wrist shot power, 91 slap shot accuracy, and 91 wrist shot accuracy, few goalies can keep Chubarov off the scoresheet. 

Frank Supis (84 OVR in 2023)

Team: N/A
Drafted: 3rd, 1st Round
Potential: Elite med
Position: Defensive Defenseman
Nationality: German
Height: 193cm
Weight: 97kg
Shoots: Right
Best Stats: Shot Blocking 91, Aggressiveness 90, Body Checking 90, Stick Checking 90

Highly-rated defensive defensemen are somewhat of a rarity in NHL 19, which makes Frank Supis an even more attractive prospect. At 21-years-old, all of his key defensive attributes exceed 87, while his tremendous physical attributes of 90 aggressiveness, 90 body checking, 85 durability, 83 fighting skill, 89 strength, and his massive frame make the German an almighty presence in the defensive end. 

Brad Cizikas (84 OVR in 2023)

Team: N/A
Drafted: 4th, 1st Round
Potential: Elite med
Position: Two-Way Right Wing
Nationality: USA
Height: 180cm
Weight: 86kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Wrist Shot Accuracy 91, Slap Shot Accuracy 91, Stick Checking 91

As his role as a two-way forward would suggest, Brad Cizikas is a very well-rounded player, boasting 87 defensive awareness and 87 offensive awareness. His 87 strength and 89 body checking make him a strong contender without the puck, while his 91 slap shot accuracy and 91 wrist shot accuracy mean that Cizikas could also be classed as a sniper in the offensive end. 

Dominic Wengranowski (80 OVR in 2023)

Team: N/A
Drafted: 99th, 4th Round
Potential: N/A
Position: Right Wing Sniper
Nationality: USA
Height: 188cm
Weight: 90kg
Shoots: Left
Best Stats: Slap Shot Power 93, Wrist Shot Power 92, Offensive Awareness 89

Dominic Wengranowski makes it onto this list for his incredible value in the middle of the draft. During the simulation, he emerged as the best late pick in the third season following the draft, so he could have an even higher overall if he’s played professionally sooner. At 22-years-old, he boasts some very usable shooting attributes, including 93 slap shot power, 81 slap shot accuracy, 92 wrist shot power, and 81 wrist shot accuracy. 

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