Football Player: Q&A Session reveals plans for release, licenses, and trailer

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More information has been revealed for Football Player 2023 as they share the answers to more FAQs in their second Q&A session.

There is not a huge amount to get excited about just yet, but we should see more information released in the coming months.


Release date

The official release date will still be well over a year away, so this was a bit of a long shot.

However, "early 2023" has been given as a possible release time which suggests they will avoid competition with the likes of FIFA (or whatever it will be called by then) and eFootball.


Partner reveal coming soon

This is arguably the most exciting news to surface from the latest reveal!

Five partners of the game are set to be unveiled "in the coming months" and these could be partner clubs like we see in the FIFA and eFootball franchises.

These are highly unlikely to be exclusive partners of the game, so we would be surprised if this removes the licenses of any teams from the existing games.


Football Player Q&A Session 2

To take a look at the full list of FAQs answered in the second Q&A session ahead of Football Player 2023 below.

As they are labelling these sessions, we would expect several more to take place before we see the game in 2023.


Q: Why Unity?

A: We have decided that we will be using Unity engine in our first year of release, because we aren't focusing on our graphics on the first year. Although, if the game turns out to be successful in its first year, we will then upgrade to a new/better engine.

Q: When is the release date?

A: Currently, we don't know the exact date, although, early 2023 is the possible time.

Q: When will we see a gameplay trailer?

A: As we are currently developing the game, a gameplay trailer is not coming in 2021. You can expect a gameplay trailer to be shown next year.

Q: Is football player an AAA game?


A: No, football player is not an AAA game. We don't have a massive budget but we are trying to bring the best and the most realistic game possible.

Q: What about licenses?

A: We are constantly working on getting licensed teams in-game. We are going to unveil our first 5 partners in the coming months, so stay tuned.