EA Sports PGA Tour will get another major championship at launch

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When taking a look at the calendar you'll notice that we aren't far from the release date of EA Sports PGA Tour. In fact, the Spring of 2022 could be here faster than we expect it.

As we near the release, more about the game is being revealed, this time being a special playoff addition.

We've got all the information you need to stay up to date including the newest addition, on EA Sports PGA Tour.


FedEx Cup added to EA Sports PGA Tour

Not long ago we found out that Women's Golf would make its way into EA Sports PGA Tour, now we know that the FedEx Cup will be as well!

This is likely another reveal of many that will be coming in future months with more cups being added to the game. The FedEx Cup consists of three legs, each of which you'll be able to play.

The three legs of the FedEx Cup Playoffs in EA Sports PGA Tour
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FEDEX CUP: Hit all three legs of the FedEx Cup Playoffs in EA Sports PGA Tour

The three legs of the FedEx Cup Playoffs are as followed:

  • TPC Southwind
  • Wilmington Country Club
  • East Lake Golf Club

All three legs will be at your disposal when EA Sports PGA Tour releases in Spring of 2022!

PGA Tour's statement on the addition

It seems that the PGA Tour is completely behind EA on their golfing video game venture. This makes it easier for EA to develop a more complete game, similar to their relationship with the NFL.

The PGA Tour has been vocal about the game so far, complimenting EA's dedication to real-time data. It seems that the data will be delivered via ShotLink for the first time ever in a golf video game.

EA is promising enhanced authenticity with the help of ShotLink to bring a more immersive experience for the players.

Frankly, we're excited to see what they announce next.