Dying Light 2 gameplay: A deep dive on the interactive environment & the infected

Here we take a look at some of the brand new features in Techland's ambitious sequel.

We’re going to have to wait until Spring 2020 at the earliest to get a taste of Dying Light 2, but the original game is a timeless masterpiece that still gets millions of players a month.

Techland has kept us entertained over the past year, releasing trailers, descriptions of the environment and concept art, but we are getting impatient!

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Follow the story below for more information on the Dying Light sequel’s latest features.

NOW WATCH BELOW: Dying Light 2’s gameplay trailer!


In a short teaser trailer released last year, we were introduced to the protagonist of the series and The City – an Ottoman-Esque metropolis that represents humanity’s last true stand on Earth. 

Fifteen years have now passed since the events of Dying Light, and the uninfected population has gradually shrunk, while the infection has continued to spread and evolve across the globe. 

In one version of the plot shown in a recent gameplay demo, you join the side of the Peacekeepers – a faction that has a monopoly over all the running water.

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The City is on the brink of collapse with drinking water taps running dry, so a local tavern owner named Frank takes it upon himself to set up a meeting between the Peacekeepers, the Scavengers, and a mysterious figure called the Colonel. 

The Colonel leads a group called the renegades, who reside in a shielded water treatment plant with the means to resupply the city.

Unsurprisingly the meeting goes south and Frank is shot by one the renegades. and this is where we make the first big choice – give Frank aid, or avenge him by pursuing the renegades’ truck.

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The reigns are truly left in the hands of the player in the Dying Light sequel, which pairs particularly well with Techland’s new interactive environment.

We think Dying Light 2 will be a truly unique experience that other RPG’s will struggle to compete with.

Interactive environment

In the Dying Light sequel, the plot will be an organic, reactive creation that can head in a vast array of directions (directions that can be traced back to specific decisions you make in the game).

Concept art courtesy of Techland

Techland tells us that the map is four times bigger than its predecessor’s, and while a load of the game’s content can be seen in one single play-through, you’ll want to explore the rest.

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