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Destruction AllStars Season 1 could be a smash hit

Destruction AllStars Season 1 is right around the corner and we have everything you need to know about what's coming to the Wrecktangle next month.

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Release Date

Right now, we don't know the exact release date for Destruction AllStars Season 1. However, we do know it's in April and we know when Destruction AllStars is leaving PS Plus to re-launch as a paid title.

Destruction AllStar's Digital Deluxe Edition is due to launch on April 6th as it leaves PS Plus.

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This leads us to believe that we could be seeing Destruction AllStars Season 1 start on April 6th or a week later on April 13th.

It's worth taking this with a pinch of salt, but it doesn't make sense for Lucid Games to delay Season 1 much longer than that given the fact that the game itself has been out for a couple of months now.


Hot Shots

This is the name of the new Destruction AllStars season and the subtitle for Season 1.

" Our first season is all about AllStars who want to be the best of the best, Hotshots who are always headline news or blowing up on social media."

Lucid Games are approaching their seasonal content rollout format as a way to introduce long-lasting changes to Destruction AllStars at regular intervals.

With new game modes, AllStars, features, and the introduction of a Battle Pass... If you're already a fan of Destruction AllStars, this is a fantastic bit of news.

New AllStar

Like any character-based multiplayer game, each AllStar in Destruction AllStars is unique and wonderfully fantastic. The AllStar added to Destruction AllStars is undoubtedly going to be equally incredible, we just don't know exactly who they are yet.

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Below, in the very brief roadmap Lucid Games has shared, we see a silhouette of what this AllStar might look like but that is all the information we have.

Destruction AllStars Season 1 Roadmap
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NEW ALLSTAR - What abilities would you like to see introduced?

We don't know what their Hero Vehicle will be or what their AllStar's abilities will do, but we're expecting more news on this soon as Lucid Games prepares to launch Season 1 in Destruction AllStars.


Competitive Mode

If there's one thing Destruction AllStars would do well it's a Competitive Mode. So, Lucid Games are planning on adding a playlist for ranked players in Season 1!

This brand-new game mode will be called Blitz and feature a three-person team-based structure that will mean that matches are made up of 3v3v3v3.

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There isn't too much information about Blitz yet, but Lucid Games have assured that this mode has been built from the ground up for the best competitive experience Destruction AllStars has to offer.

Battle Pass

As Destruction AllStars transitions into a seasonal format with Season 1, Lucid Games are introducing a Battle Pass which appears to follow a similar format to other "Battle Pass" systems in games.

Destruction AllStars Season 1 Characters
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COSMETICS - Who would you want to see get a new skin?

There will be a free tier and a premium tier, both of which offer season-exclusive cosmetic content for all the AllStars currently available in Destruction AllStars Season 1.

There isn't any word on how much the Battle Pass will cost, but if we go by the industry-standard... We're looking at around 1,000 Destruction Points, but perhaps slightly less.


Photo Mode

This one is for all you Virtual Photographers and Capture Artists out there.

Destruction AllStars is getting a dedicated Photo Mode in Season 1. This, as you might imagine, will only work on single-player game modes.

However, Lucid Games has confirmed that stickers and filters, commonplace features of Photo Modes, will make an appearance and you should be able to "enter a free camera around the arena".

This should open up Destruction AllStars to a lot more photography options going forwards.

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