02 Jul 2021 10:47 AM +00:00

New Dead Space Reportedly a Full Remake

Following the leaks that a new Dead Space was set to be revealed at EA Play Live in July, and the Dead Space YouTube channel being brought back to life yesterday, new reports suggest that the game will be a full remake of the original.

This was once again reported by Jeff Grubb over at VentureBeat, and he suggests that it will be a Resident Evil 2 style remake, with everything being refreshed from the ground up.

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New Dead Space Reportedly a Full Remake

In his report, Grubb says:

"For its Dead Space game, Motive is taking notes from Capcom’s recent Resident Evil remakes. Like Resident Evil 2 Remake, expect the next Dead Space to use the original game as a strong foundation. But it should also have modern visuals. And it will likely bring in new gameplay mechanics inspired by other entries in the franchise."

He goes on to explain that the resurgence in the popularity of Resident Evil is a big part of why Dead Space is making a comeback, saying:

"And speaking of Capcom, it is likely a major reason a new Dead Space is happening. While EA has let its horror franchise wither, the Resident Evil series is larger than ever. And Capcom has provided an easy blueprint for EA to follow."

Maybe a fully fledged Dead Space sequel will follow if the reported remake is a success.

EA Play Live Duration Revealed

EA also revealed yesterday how long EA Play is going to be, and hinted at what might be shown.

A blog post about the event and what'll come before it says: "The show is a fast-paced one, coming in around 40 minutes and will feature what’s next for games like Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends."

On top of that, there's almost certainly going to be some news of various sports titles, such as FIFA 22, Madden 22, and NHL.

We'll have all the coverage you need once the event begins.