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Dead Island 2 could make a return this year

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In development for a long time, Dead Island 2 has had a shaky dev cycle. Moving teams, shifting ideas and holding off on a release date, some worried we may never get it. Luckily, some recent news points to a release date much sooner than anticipated.

Dead Island 2 Could Return Soon

As spotted and transcribed by VGC, Colin Moriarty, a journalist and host of Sacred Symbols podcast, has recently claimed that Dead Island 2 will be making a comeback soon.

"Dead Island 2 looks like it's going to be rerevealed... I have heard from a source I trust that the game may be fully rerevealed sometimes this Summer and be released maybe shortly after that. September or October at the soonest"
Dead Island 2
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Being initially announced way back in 2014, Dead Island 2 has been going through development hell for some time. Many had worried we may never see the game again.

What Does This Mean?

A reveal in the Summer is a pretty telling thing. With E3 cancelled this year, one of the only big game shows out there focused on AAA reveals is Summer Game Fest. Set to go live mid-June, it seems very likely that, if we see a reveal, it will be here.

We may see the reveal in mid-June, followed by a release date around the end of the year. Given its horror theming, it would be nice to see an October release but it seems more likely we will have to wait a little longer until November or December.

This all being said, the information here is limited. Whilst the source is probably telling the truth, the team could always decide to postpone this reveal if they feel they aren't ready to show it just yet. We will just have to wait and see. We will keep you updated right here as new information comes in.

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