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Crysis 4 Announcement due soon following leak

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Nine years have passed since Crysis 3 was released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Having built up quite the reputation - primarily in meme culture - the series slipped away into obscurity.

Remastered versions of the previous mainline games sparked a renewed interest in the franchise and Crytek have taken note. Crysis 4 hasn't exactly been the best-kept secret with multiple leaks over the last year or so but now an announcement has been made and the inevitable - albeit exciting - news has been confirmed!

UPDATE - Crytek Confirm Crysis 4

In a very simple announcement that may have been brought forward following the mishap we detailed below, Crytek has confirmed that Crysis 4 is in development.

The tweet is very simple and includes a short trailer that ends with the number 4 and the tagline "Join The Journey. Become The Hero".

With the technological advancements that have taken place since the original trilogy, we could be looking at something very special when this game arrives. We can't wait to once again ponder the biggest question in gaming history... Can it run Crysis?

Crysis 4 to be revealed soon?

First reported by Eurogamer, it appears that a post on the Chinese social media site BiliBili from Crytek China suggests that the project will be revealed soon. A translation of the post reads;

"The 'Crysis 4' project is confirmed, opening a new nano battlefield! Follow @Crytek_Official, we will continue to update you with the latest news."

The account that created the post appears to be real and verified on the platform, adding legitimacy to the rumour for now. It does, however, seem suspicious that it was such a blatant spoiler for something that was under wraps. Perhaps a mistake with scheduling or time zones was made?

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