Back 4 Blood Voice Actors: Where you might know the cast from

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Back 4 Blood has released right in the middle of spooky season and we're taking a look a the colourful cast of characters in the game. Who voices them and are there any notable names among the voice cast?

There are some incredible characters and personalities among the Cleaners we'll be playing as, but it's always nice to celebrate the face behind the voice. Here are all of the Back 4 Blood voice actors and the extended cast list.

Back 4 Blood Voice Actors

The Cleaners are the main playable characters in Back 4 Blood and there are eight to choose from at launch. There is a horror icon on the casting list as Barbara Crampton takes on the role of Mom. She has starred in films such as Re-Animator, You're Next and From Beyond.

It's fantastic casting from Turtle Rock and the character is easily among the most intriguing of the bunch. Another big star on the cast is Elias Toufexis who voices card trader Garner. Toufexis is well known for his appearances in Ubisoft games like Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell and Immortals: Feynx Rising. He was also the iconic voice of Adam Jensen in the recent Deus Ex games.

The remaining cast comprises of the following actors and actresses;

Karlee Voice Actor - Abby Trott

While you may recognise Abby Trott's voice from various anime, you'll likely have played some of the games she's been in too.

She is Pod 153 in NieR: Automata, Tae Takemi in Persona 5 Royal, and even some of the animals/food in Bugsnax.

Hoffman Voice Actor - William Salyers

Salyers credits are arguably more high profile, having played Otto Octavius in Insomniac's Spider-Man, Perseus in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Toranosuke Yoshida in Persona 5, as well as many other cool characters.

Jim Voice Actor - André Sogliuzzo

You'll likely know some of Sogliuzzo's roles too. Before Jim in Back 4 Blood, he played Wymer in Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Father in Doom Eternal, and Sparx the Dragonfly in Spyro.

Below are some more of the actors in Back 4 Blood and who their actors are.

IMDB credits Mike Vaughn as providing the voices for The Ridden as well as some additional background cast members. Overall, it's a super experienced cast of voice actors who have worked on plenty of video game projects in the past.

It's clear that Turtle Rock put a ton of thought into their casting choices and didn't want the Cleaners to be throwaway characters with just a few voice lines. This should come as no surprise given the personality all of the Left 4 Dead characters had.

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