Everything You Need To Know About Back 4 Blood On Xbox Game Pass

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Back 4 Blood will launch on Xbox Game Pass in jsut a few days time! You can pre-install it right now on Xbox meaning you can get ready for launch right now.

As we get nearer to launch day, we hope to have plenty of looks and teases at what's to come. The latest we have from the game is a campaign trailer.

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UPDATED - Back 4 Blood Early Access begins today!

The early access period for Back 4 Blood begins today for those who have pre-ordered the Ultimate or Deluxe editions of the game. The Game Pass version will arrive on Tuesday, 12 October alongside the standard edition.


Back 4 Blood Will Require Constant Internet Connection

In what has been received as disappointing news, Turtle Rock recently revealed that Back 4 Blood will require an internet connection to play at launch.


Some have questioned that if they are truly looking at creating an offline mode post-launch, why was it not a priority for Day One given that not everyone has access to a strong internet connection for the game to run smoothly.

Pre-Install Back 4 Blood On Xbox Consoles

Xbox has made sure that the world is aware of how great Game Pass is as a service. As E3 2021 concluded, they had announced 27 titles which will be launching Day One on Game Pass. Some of which are now available to pre-install.


You can now pre-install Back 4 Blood on your Xbox console. To do this, head to the 'Coming Soon' section in the Game Pass app and select the option to pre-install. The file takes up less than 300MB, but its purpose is to trigger the full game to pre-install when available so that there is no waiting around on launch day,

Back 4 Blood Game Pass Release Date

Back 4 Blood will be released on 12 October 2021. This date is the result of a previous delay taking the game out of its initial June 2021 window.


Developers Turtle Rock Studios have incredibly high expectations for the game, meaning they would not want to rush it out of the door and risk any issues that could hamper players' enjoyment.

Back 4 Blood Cross-Play

Yes, Back 4 Blood is intending to fully support cross-play from launch. This was a big thing for the developers to include given the heavy co-op nature of the campaign.


They do not want barriers to be put up in-game through something simple like players being on different platforms. Cross-play will be enabled during any remaining beta phases.

Does Back 4 Blood Have PvP Multiplayer?

Yes, Back 4 Blood will launch with a PVP multiplayer mode, however, these are not direct deathmatches. The Back 4 Blood multiplayer is called Swarm Mode.


In a best-of-three format, you take turns playing as the cleaners to survive against the horde of ridden for as long as possible.

The opponents will play as one of the nine special-ridden characters to try and kill you as soon as possible. The team with the longest survival time wins the round, the first team with two round wins, takes home the victory.

Will Back 4 Blood Have DLC?

Absolutely! Turtle Rock intends to support Back 4 Blood in the long term with both paid and free DLC. As part of their commitment to ensuring simple and fluid co-op, if you play with your friends who own DLC, you will not be locked out of the lobby.


That's right, only one player in a lobby needs to own any DLC for everyone to be able to play it!

Back 4 Blood Beta

Back 4 Blood has one final beta coming up in August. It will be a completely open beta, but with two phases.


The first phase is the early access open beta, this is available to anyone who has pre-ordered the game. If pre-ordered physically, you will need a code from where you pre-ordered to access the beta.

If your pre-order is digital, the beta download will be available through the same store you pre-ordered on when it launches. This beta will take place between 5-9 August 2021.

The main open beta is available to anyone who registers on the Back 4 Blood website. This will take place a little later, from 12-16 August 2021.