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AEW Fight Forever Countdown to 'Lights Out' reveal at Full Gear

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With fans clamoring for more news about AEW Fight Forever, an update has finally been promised for the company's next major pay-per-view event.

Here's everything we know so far about when this AEW Fight Forever reveal is set to arrive and what might actually be announced.

AEW Fight Forever Countdown to Full Gear Reveal

The last official word about AEW Fight Forever came some months ago during Gamescom 2022 and the Tokyo Game Show, but another reveal is finally on deck.

Following the recent, and promptly debunked, report that AEW Fight Forever could be headed to Xbox Game Pass, AEW Games confirmed that they did have a reveal scheduled for AEW Full Gear.

The final pay-per-view of the year for All Elite Wrestling, AEW Full Gear takes place on Saturday, November 19, 2022 at 8pm ET.

We don't know exactly when the AEW Fight Forever reveal will be shown during the three to four hour event, but it's likely to hit social media immediately after.

Full Gear AEW Fight Forever Reveal


The above timer has our AEW Fight Forever countdown going towards the beginning of Full Gear, which will be available in the US on B/R Live and in the UK via FITE TV.

If you're unable to watch live, keep an eye on the AEW and AEW Games accounts via Twitter as they will likely share the AEW Fight Forever reveal soon after it debuts at Full Gear.

Lights Out Match could be one of many reveals

While they haven't technically confirmed what is on the table, the tweet teasing out this AEW Fight Forever reveal did give us a first look at the Lights Out Match.

You can see that teaser image below, but hopefully the full reveal at AEW Full Gear will include proper gameplay footage of this match type.

AEW Fight Forever
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LIGHTS OUT: Blood is back in wrestling gaming

Further details about release date could be on the table, but AEW has stopped short of hinting at anything else.

Some speculation has predicted an AEW Fight Forever release date near the Spring of 2023, and if true that may line up the release near AEW Revolution 2023.

Normally their first major pay-per-view of the year, AEW Revolution is traditionally in late February or early March, which also potentially puts the AEW Fight Forever release very close to the launch of WWE 2K23.

With development and final touches on the game seemingly ongoing, these smaller reveals aim to keep fans engaged until AEW Fight Forever is finally ready for the public.

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