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Minecraft: Can You Grow Trees Underground?

Minecraft Legends
Credit: Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios

Can you grow trees underground in Minecraft? It might seem like an off thing to do, but then again, nothing is normal about this free-roaming block-building game.

Minecraft is one of our favourite games, partly because it's all about experimenting and trying something new. Something you may not have thought to try is to try and plant a tree underground.

So, can you do this? And is it possible to grow a tree under the surface of the Minecraft world? We've got everything you need to know right here!

Can you grow trees underground?

It's no secret that you can dig below the surface of the world in Minecraft. Just like there's a world to explore above ground, there's also a vast world to explore below it too.

Tunneling underground can reveal parts of the world you never knew existed, but can you bring plants from the surface underground?

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Credit: Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios

Surprisingly, you can! And you can grow trees underground as well, but it's not as straightforward as doing so above ground.

Because you're outside the influence of the sun, you'll need to have a light source, such as a torch or glowstone to replace it. You can plant a sapling anywhere underground, but for it to grow, you'll need enough space.

That means there has to be at least six blocks of empty space above the block you plant the seed in. Ideally, there should be ten and this will allow the tree to grow to its full potential size.

You'll also have to water the sapling, as there's no chance of rain reaching the underground sections of the world. So bring a bucket and place some water around your tree!

Trees cannot naturally grow underground, but if you've got enough torches and space, you can have an underground forest if you put enough effort in.

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