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Is Madden 24 coming to EA Play?

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Madden 24 Kirk Cousins

Madden 24 was released more than one month ago and has received mixed reviews. The new title of the Madden franchise introduced many new features, with most of them being exclusive to new-gen consoles. Despite that, the game still sold millions of copies.

However, many players are wondering if the game is available on EA Play, the EA Sports subscription service. That's because some players don't want to pay full price for the game, especially if they don't know if they will like it. So, most of them prefer to pay the monthly subscription to EA Play, which is much cheaper and gives them a chance to try out the game.

Without further ado, let's find out if Madden 24 is on EA Play,

Is Madden 24 on EA Play?

A short answer to this question would be, YES Madden 24 is on EA Play. The latest title of the Madden franchise is available on the EA Play Pro subscription, which is exclusive to PC players.

Madden 24 Aaron Rodgers throwing a pass.
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The standard EA Play subscription doesn't give you access to the game as of right now. However, when Madden24 was released, players had access to a 10-hour trial. Once those ten hours had passed, players had a 10% discount on the full game, and if they decided to buy it, their progress would carry over.

Will Madden 24 be on EA Play in the future?

It's possible that Madden 24 will be made available in the standard EA Play subscription in the future. We still don't have any news about that, but we expect that to happen around February 2024. That's when the previous titles of the franchise were added to the subscription service.

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We will update this article with any new information that is made available. So, make sure to stay tuned if you want to know when Madden 24 will arrive at the EA Play standard subscription.

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