MUT 22 TOTW 8 Predictions: Player of the Week (POTW), Heroes, LTD

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After one more week of NFL action, we look ahead to the MUT 22 TOTW 8 featuring more amazing additions to Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

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With the most amazing performances of the week in mind, these MUT 22 TOTW 8 predictions will highlight the players most likely to get a new Madden 22 Ultimate Team card.

MUT 22: Team of the Week 8 Release Date

The only thing that hasn't been extremely consistent about Team of the Week since Madden 22 launched is the time of day when the program goes live in the game itself.

However, the reveals have all landed at the same time, and as a result we once again expect the first few TOTW 8 reveals this evening around 6pm ET on Monday, November 1, 2021.

MUT 22 TOTW 8 Madden 22 Ultimate Team of the Week Predictions
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TOTW INCOMING: The first drops should land tonight with the rest tomorrow

After that, the full MUT 22 TOTW 8 Reveal should happen during Good Morning Madden on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at approximately 10:30am ET.

Once everything has been revealed, we can expect the cards to finally go live in MUT 22 around 4pm ET, but delays on that are not uncommon.


Player of the Week 8 (POTW) - Adrian Phillips

There's even tighter competition than usual for Player of the Week in TOTW 8, and it's largely because few players had the kind of undeniable standout game that tends to lead to a POTW card.

However, among several solid performances, the strongest looks to be from Adrian Phillips, who had a QB hit, 2 passes defended, and 2 interceptions including one that was returned 38 yards for a touchdown to make it a pick six and help the Pats topple the Chargers.

Team of the Week LTD - Odell Beckham Jr - 2015

As always, the TOTW LTD highlights a currently active player who popped off in Week 8 during a previous season, and one great pick would be Odell Beckham Jr.

While these are notoriously hard to predict, OBJ more than has the stats from 2015 when he caught 8 receptions on 9 targets for 130 yards and 3 touchdowns despite the Giants managing to still lose that game 49-52.

TOTW 8 Offensive and Defensive Heroes Predictions

Our weekly MUT 22 Offensive and Defensive Heroes look instead to the legends of the past and highlight some of the most prolific Week 8 performances from players who are no longer active.

Offensive Hero - Drew Brees - 2015

Back in 2015, Drew Brees put together an absolutely unforgettable performance as in the same game where Odell Beckham Jr had his own version of success.

Drew Brees Madden 22 MUT 22 TOTW 8 PRedictions
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WHO DAT: Brees has now retired, but he can still return to MUT 22

While Beckham helped, there was no defeating Brees on that day as he dropped 505 yards, 7 passing touchdowns, and a rushing touchdown to secure the Saints' victory.


Defensive Hero - Mike Vrabel - 2007

While currently the head coach of the Tennessee Titans, Mike Vrabel was holding down a spot on the Patriots defense back in 2007.

In Week 8 of that year, Vrabel had 3 forced fumbles and 3 sacks in the same game, 11 solo tackles, and shockingly also caught one touchdown pass from Tom Brady.

TOTW 8 - Other Player Upgrades

Finally, we have the core group of Team of the Week 8 as six players are chosen who had strong performances in Week 8 of NFL action.

Here are our top predictions for TOTW 8 on offense and defense.

Offense: Elijah Mitchell, Mike White, Chris Godwin


We have a few new faces popping up on the offensive side of the ball in Week 8, starting with Elijah Mitchell and his 137 rushing yards with 1 touchdown to take the 49ers to a win over Chicago.

Mike White got secured a rare Jets victory over the Bengals with 405 passing yards and three touchdowns, albeit a few interceptions, and Chris Godwin had 140 yards with 1 touchdown despite the Bucs failing to win that game.

Defense: Malik Reed, Xavier Woods, Justin Simmons

On the other side of the ball, Malik Reed had a solid week with 2 sacks, 1 pass defended, and 1 interception to help Denver take a win.

Xavier Woods had 4 solo tackles, 1 sack, and 1 pick six interception for a touchdown, even if the Cowboys couldn't turn that into a win, and Justin Simmons also had a great week with 7 solo tackles, 2 passes defended, and 2 interceptions.