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MUT 22 Most Feared: Program Start Date Officially Revealed

Our next promotion in Madden 22 will come in the form of MUT 22 Most Feared. We finally have a release date for it which was revealed on the Madden 22 menu screen!

We haven't learned about all of what Most Feared will entail, but we expect it to be similar to years past.

Let's check out the recently revealed starting date and what we expect to see.


MUT 22 Most Feared: Launch Date

The launch date for the MUT 22 Most Feared promotion is October 15th, 2021! This means that in just a few days you'll be able to start taking part in challenges and earning packs.

For those unaware, Most Feared is the program, but it's segmented into different sets that are revealed every few days.

Madden 22 image from the menu screen
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LAUNCH DAY: Get Ready for Most Feared to drop on October 15

These sets range from Scary Strong, Scary Fast, Scary Sharp, and Scary Tall last year, and we assume they'll follow the same format.

Each of these MUT 22 Most Feared sets has Masters, Heroes, and LTD(s). Although we don't know which set will be revealed first, we don't shy away from predictions.


Most Feared 1st Set Prediction: Scary Fast

Of course, it's impossible to know which MUT 22 set will debut first, but we believe it'll be Scary Fast. There are a ton of players that could fit in this category too! Mainly, Tyreek Hill.

Last year, the Scary Fast Masters were WR Terry McLaurin (93 OVR) and ROLB Derrick Thomas (92 OVR). We think they'll follow the same format for Masters this year and have one offensive and one defensive player.

Offensive Master Prediction - Tyreek Hill - WR

It's hard to imagine a better option for the Scary Fast Master in Madden 22 than Tyreek Hill. His card would have insane speed, allowing you to zoom away from defenders.

Tyreek Hill in Madden 22
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CHEETAH: Tyreek Hill would be a great choice for the Scary Fast Master

Tyreek Hill would make an incredible MUT 22 Most Feared Scary Fast Master. He's arguably the fastest player on the field and we definitely wouldn't want to try and chase him down.


Defensive Master Prediction - Deion Sanders - CB

Back in the day, there was one person you never wanted to cover you if you were a wide receiver and that's Deion Sanders. You couldn't shake him no matter what you did or what route you ran.

In the 1989 NFL combine, Deion Sanders ran a 4.21 40-yard dash, how's that for a MUT 22 Scary Speed Master? He also haunted opposing teams as a kick returner, something many Madden 22 players would love to have.

For a second, imagine Tyreek Hill and Deion Sanders matched up against each other, what a scary battle that would be. This time, we believe that these two will be on the same side as the Most Feared Scary Fast Masters.