14 Oct 2021 2:48 PM +00:00

Madden NFL 22: John Gruden to be REMOVED from the game

Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden is being removed from Madden NFL 22 following a string of racist and misogynistic comments discovered in emails.

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The derogatory comments made by the 58-year-old has sparked outrage, leading to the coach resigning from his job and being removed from Madden NFL 22

EA Statement

EA Sports released a full statement declaring their intention to remove Gruden from the game, citing their continued action in maintaining a culture of inclusion and equity.


As revealed in the statement, a brand new title update will remove the disgraced coach from the game.

Gruden's Statement

Gruden's resignation was announced by the Las Vegas Raiders on Tuesday, with the coach apologising and stating that he never meant to hurt anyone.


The New York Times reported that Gruden used consistent derogatory language throughout the emails, denouncing female referees and the drafting of gay players.

Community Reaction

Naturally, the news of Gruden's comments has led to backlash from the NFL community, with one fan calling the coach's statement 'weak'.


Madden fans have been quick to support EA's decision to remove Gruden from the game, with swift action being taken to stamp out any aspect of racism, sexism, or homophobia.

The Raiders have announced that Rich Bisaccia will take charge as interim coach with immediate effect.

The title update removing Gruden is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.