Madden 24 Companion App

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Madden 24

It's been a month since Madden 24 arrived and after a rocky release the game has found a solid rhythm, at least for Ultimate Team players. Franchise fans are still struggling with issues, but MUT players are enjoying the gameplay tweaks, even if it means defense is harder than ever!

The Madden 24 Companion App is a useful tool for players to interact with the game while away from their console. It allows players to check their MUT squad or access their Franchise saves. However it has been absent for a while. But now it's back!

What is the Companion App?

As mentioned above, the Companion App allows players to access their Franchise mode saves, and make changes to their MUT squad. It's one of the best tools for MUT fanatics, who want to keep up with every single news about the mode.

With the Companion App, MUT players can acquire or sell players, change their starting lineup, and buy packs. They can also stay up to date with every new program, pack or card series that arrives at the game.

Madden 24 Campus Heroes
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Campus Heroes is the latest program to arrive at MUT!

The Companion App is also very useful for Franchise mode players. It allows players to check their squads, the schedule, and standings, as well as make changes to the starting lineup.

Madden 24 Companion App release date

Unfortunately, the Madden 24 Companion App had not been available on the release of the game. However, it is now up for download!

Players are now able to get it for iOS and Android around the world.

Madden 24
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As expected, there are a few bugs, with players reporting Captcha crashes that can lock them out of the app. If you can get in then you can work the Auction House and fire off trades to your Connected Franchise friends.

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