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Madden 23 TOTW: Preseason Team of the Week players coming to MUT revealed

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Madden 23 TOTW has already begun, and the first Team of the Week highlights standouts from the preseason.

We've got details on all the Madden 23 TOTW items revealed to be coming to Ultimate Team.

Madden 23 TOTW: Preseason Team of the Week players revealed

While the regular season hasn't quite kicked off, Madden 23 TOTW is already set to arrive in Ultimate Team.

Throughout the year, we'll see top players from across the league highlighted in each Team of the Week based on their own real-world performances.

To get things started, EA has decided to include a Preseason TOTW this year with 15 new cards coming to Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

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Madden 23 TOTW team of the week ultimate team
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MORNING REVEALS: The TOTW reveals took place on GMM and will continue to throughout the year

The first to be revealed, and what may be the hardest to come by, was LTD Samuel Womack who got announced on the EA Sports MUT Twitter.

In addition, they've revealed 6 players at 83 OVR, 6 Elites at 87 OVR, and 2 Champions at 90 OVR.

It's not confirmed that this will remain the format moving forward, but it's likely to be this many players each week or a similar total.

Good Morning Madden hosted the reveals but didn't clarify when these cards will go live in MUT 23, and we expect they should be up within the next 24 hours.

All Preseason TOTW Players

Without further ado, here are all the Madden 23 TOTW Preseason players:

  • Trevon Coley (DT) - 83 OVR - Chicago Bears
  • Michael Bandy (WR) - 83 OVR - Los Angeles Chargers
  • Skylar Thompson (QB) - 83 OVR - Miami Dolphins
  • Derek Rivers (RE) - 83 OVR - Houston Texans
  • Justin Reid (K) - 83 OVR - Kansas City Chiefs
  • Deejay Dallas (HB) - 83 OVR - Seattle Seahawks
  • Martin Emerson (CB) - 87 OVR - Cleveland Browns
  • Alex Bachman (WR) - 87 OVR - New York Giants
  • Clay Johnston (LOLB) - 87 OVR - Cincinnati Bengals
  • Lance McCutcheon (WR) - 87 OVR - Los Angeles Rams
  • Lawrence Cager (TE) - 87 OVR - New York Jets
  • Brittain Brown (HB) - 87 OVR - Las Vegas Raiders
  • T.Y. McGill Jr (DT) - 90 OVR - Minnesota Vikings
  • Kavontae Turpin (WR) - 90 OVR - Dallas Cowboys
  • LTD Samuel Womack (CB) - 90 OVR - San Francisco 49ers

While some of them aren't necessarily the strongest possible, this early in the year TOTW can be invaluable as some of these players are prime Theme Team fodder.

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