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Madden 23 Ultimate Team: MUT 23 TOTW 1 Predictions

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The first week of the NFL has come to a conclusion which means that the Madden 23 TOTW (Team of the Week) is around the corner.

Each week, prior to the Team of the Week is revealed, we're going to make a few predictions on who will make the cut.

Let's make our predictions including who could be the Player of the Week.

Madden 23 TOTW Release Date

If the game tracks how it did last year, the Madden 23 TOTW will be revealed on Tuesday, September 13 and it usually releases around 3:00 PM ET.

It will also kick off as a Good Morning Madden stream where all of the cards are revealed. The highlighted member will be the Player of the Week.

You can also expect a reveal on Monday evening where maybe one of the players will be revealed after the Monday Night Football game.

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Player of the Week 1 (POTW) - Patrick Mahomes

It's hard to find a better player worthy of the "Player of the Week" designation than Patrick Mahomes, who threw for 360 yards.

Not only that, Mahomes threw five touchdowns in the 44-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Madden 23 TOTW
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MAHOMES POTW: We think Mahomes lands the Player of the Week title

He finished the game with a QBR rating of 94.1 and was able to beat a pretty talented team by 23 points.

He's a great option to be the Madden 23 TOTW Player of the Week.

All Team of the Week Player Predictions

There are several players worthy of landing on the Madden 23 Team of the Week but there are only a few that get chosen.

There will be six TOTW 1 players chosen, three offensive and three defensives, and here are our predictions for when the lineup is finally unveiled.

Offense: Saquon Barkley, Justin Jefferson, A.J. Brown

Several running backs had a great game in Week 1 but one stood out to us the most, Saquon Barkley. Barkley finished the game with 164 rushing yards.

Averaging 9.1 yards per game, Barkley added a rushing touchdown and a two-point conversion as well.

Madden 23 TOTW
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JEFFERSON: Not many receivers had a better week than Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson helped his Minnesota Vikings to a 23-7 victory over the Green Bay Packers. He had nine receptions for 184 yards and two touchdowns.

Another potential Madden 23 TOTW receiver that had a fantastic game is A.J. Brown of the Philadelphia Eagles, earning 155 yards on the day.

Defense: Minkah Fitzpatrick, Khalil Mack, Von Miller

The defensive player coming to Ultimate Team in MUT 23 could be Minkah Fitzpatrick due to his 14 tackles for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Joining him could be Khalil Mack, who earned three sacks against Derek Carr in Week 1 along with one forced fumble.

Madden 23 TOTW
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MACK ATTACKS: Khalil Mack will likely end up in the Madden 23 TOTW

Our last pick for the Madden 23 TOTW is Von Miller who had an incredible game in Week 1. Miller grabbed two sacks in Week 1 with four total tackles.

He pressured Matthew Stafford several times which led to multiple interceptions as well. Look for him to end up in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

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