Madden 22 Update 1.007: Next Gen fixes in new October 15 Patch Notes

Madden 22 has been fairly consistent with their updates, but they rolled out this next gen update without a heads up first.

It's a small update to be fair, but nevertheless definitely brought a hotfix to Madden 22 on next gen.

Let's talk about the Madden 22 update size and what it included.


Madden 22 Update 1.007

The size of this update was just 504 MB on Xbox One Series X|S and even less on PS5 at 358 MB.

It didn't take much time to download since it was so small and was quietly released on October 15, 2021, at about 11am PST / 2pm ET.

Lamar Jackson escapes the pocket in Madden 22
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QUICK FIX: Madden 22 rolled out a new update on October 15

It was a small fix, but it definitely helped the Madden Ultimate Team gameplay out on next gen systems, which is where the issue first occurred.


What the Madden 22 update entails

The great news is that this Madden 22 update packed a big punch that fixed a glitch that made the game unplayable for most next gen players.

One of the biggest problems was the game glitching/freezing when selecting formations and flipping plays.

Here's what the Madden 22 Update 1.007 fixed:

  • Addressed an issue where players were experiencing crashing when selecting certain formations
  • Addressed an issue for Custom Playbooks being used in Online Head-to-Head modes
  • Players will no longer be able to Pump Fake on RPO plays to cancel the handoff action between the QB and the Running Back
  • Addressed an issue where players would get stuck in pre-play after doing certain Hot Routes quickly

We've tested it on our next gen systems and found that the problem doesn't exist anymore. Hopefully, it'll stay this way considering MUT 22 Weekend League is kicking off.