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Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Heavyweights promo reveals five 97 OVR cards

Today, new Heavyweight cards were added to Madden 22 Ultimate Team. This is great news since the Fan Appreciation promo is still going on.

Five new cards have hit the MUT 22 platform and we've got the ratings for each of them. We'll also let you know which one is our favorite.

Let's take a look at the new Madden 22 Ultimate Team Heavyweights.

New Madden 22 Ultimate Team Heavyweights

With five great cards on the platform today, you can start adding some great Heavyweights to your Madden 22 Ultimate Team lineup.

Considering Madden 22 is slowing down in terms of releases, it's nice to see that cards are still being added to MUT 22.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team
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BEEF UP THE LINE: Build a resilient o-line with 97 OVR Joe Thuney

Here are the five players that were added and their overall rating in Madden 22 Ultimate Team:

  • Nick Gates (C) - 98 OVR
  • Joe Thuney (LG) - 97 OVR
  • Kenny Clark (DT) - 97 OVR
  • Greg Van Roten (RG) - 97 OVR
  • William Gholston (LE) - 97 OVR

If you have Gates, Thuney, and Van Roten on your offensive line, your opponents in MUT will have a tough time getting through to your QB.

Fan Appreciation Cards in Madden 22

Another ongoing program in Madden 22 Ultimate Team is the Fan Appreciation cards. These cards feature two cards that can be upgraded to 99 OVR.

The cards available for upgrades are the Tom Brady and Ed Too Tall Jones cards, we'll go over a few of the ability slots below as well.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team
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FAN APPRECIATION: These are the upgradable cards in Madden 22

Here are the guidelines for the program:

  • 3-week program
  • 2 tokens per week (to upgrade items)
  • Items have all 32 Team Chems

And here are a few of the ability slots for these Madden 22 Ultimate Team cards:

  • Tom Brady (94-96 OVR):
    • Ability Slot 1 (Scrambler)
    • Ability Slot 2 (Scrambler)
    • Ability Slot 3 (Field General)
  • Ed Too Tall Jones (94-96 OVR):
    • Ability Slot 1 (Zone CB)
    • Ability Slot 2 (Zone CB)
    • Ability Slot 3 (Run Stopper OLB)

For more on the Fan Appreciation cards in MUT 22, follow this link.

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