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Madden 22: Tom Brady 99 OVR MUT 22 Tribute card revealed

Tom Brady has officially announced his retirement from the NFL and it's a bittersweet announcement. So, what does this mean for Tom Brady in Madden 22?

On one hand, we're happy for him to leave without any injuries and on his own terms. On the other, we're sad to see the GOAT leave. This is why he deserves to be immortalized.

Let's check out the new Tom Brady MUT 22 GOAT Tribute card.

Latest - GOAT Tom Brady MUT 22 card

We knew that Madden 22 was going to find a way to honor Tom Brady's accomplishments in the NFL, we just didn't know how. Today, the highest-overall card in the game was revealed.

The Tom Brady GOAT Tribute was unveiled on February 2, 2022, and will only be available until Friday at 10 am ET, per Good Morning Madden.

As you can see, the first Madden 22 99 OVR card of the year is this Tom Brady card and nobody deserves it more. There's also an NCAT card that is a 97 OVR, Tom Brady.

We detail below why Brady deserved the highest-overall MUT 22 card, so continue on to see some of Brady's accolades.

Madden 22: Tom Brady MUT 22 card

Out of all the players in the NFL and in NFL history, only one player has won seven Super Bowl rings, Tom Brady. There is no question, he's the best to ever do it.

Considering he's been dubbed the NFL "Goat" we think he deserves a Madden 22 MUT card that reflects this ability. Perhaps, the first-ever 100 OVR MUT 22 card.

Madden 22 Tom Brady
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CURTAIN CALL: Unfortunately, Tom Brady has announced his retirement

It might sound out of the realm of possibilities, but it'd be a great way for Madden 22 to honor Tom Brady's accomplishments in the NFL.

For those of you wondering why Tom Brady deserves this card, here are a few stats, five Super Bowl MVPs, three regular-season MVPs, and set NFL records in passing yards (84,520) and passing touchdowns (624).

Other ways to honor Tom Brady in Madden 22

We also have a few other ways to display the fan's and player's appreciation for Tom Brady in Madden 22. However, it'll likely take effect in Madden 23 when it releases in August.

A cover for a Collectors Edition of Madden 23 could be a perfect way to showcase the legendary QB. Perhaps an image of Brady split into three phases, Michigan Wolverines, New England Patriots, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Madden 22 Tom Brady
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GREATEST EVER: How will Madden 22 remember Brady?

Another interesting way for Madden 22 to keep Tom Brady relevant in future games is by having him be a permanent member of the 99 Club. Perhaps even having him be an earnable card each year in MUT 22.

However they do it, Madden 22 will need to showcase their appreciation and admiration for Tom Brady in this game and future games.

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