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Madden 22 Season 4: Release Date, Champions, and Level Rewards revealed

Madden 22 Season 4 is finally here and the Champions, Level Rewards, and Series Redux players have been revealed.

We've also received more news on the Golden Ticket cards and a few have been added as well.

Let's take a look at what's coming in Madden 22 Season 4.

Latest - Season 4 Launched today

The next season of Madden 22 is here and we've got what you need to know to get started. One of the main additions is the new Champions.

At the top of the pack, we have just two Champions in Season 4:

  • Dan Fouts (QB) - 99 OVR - Los Angeles Chargers
  • Tony Casillas (DT) - 99 OVR - Dallas Cowboys
Madden 22 Season 4
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NEW CHAMPION: Add DT Tony Casilla to your lineup in Season 4

In addition to that we have these Madden 22 Season 4 Level Rewards:

  • Brandin Cooks (WR) - 99 OVR - Houston Texans
  • Chidobe Awuzie (CB) - 98 OVR - Cincinnati Bengals

Head here to learn more about the Madden 22 Season 4 launch.

Madden 22 Season 4 Release Date

Considering the content schedule was just released and Season 3 of Madden 22 began on February 16 we can estimate the launch date.

We expect the Madden 22 Season 4 release date to be on Thursday, May 19. This should air around the same time as the new Fan Favorites on Ultimate Team.

Madden 22 Season 4 release date
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GOLDEN TICKETS: Expect more Golden Tickets in Season 4 of Madden 22

With Season 4 of Madden 22 likely to feature more cards and challenges, there should be even more to anticipate.

Considering we're not far from the potential release date of Madden 23, we could learn even more about the upcoming title as well.

Content Schedule for this week

This upcoming week will reveal a ton of different things, including more Golden Tickets, Ultimate Legends, Veterans, and more.

This will be a great chance for players in Madden 22 Season 4 to build up a great Ultimate Team without paying a lot for packs.

Madden 22 Season 4
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CONTENT SCHEDULE: A few Ultimate Legends have been revealed

Here's what we expect during this week, leading up to Madden 22 Season 4:

  • Veterans - May 18
  • Fan Appreciation - May 18
  • Season 4 - May 18
  • Golden Tickets - May 19
  • Ultimate Legends - May 19

Although the dates above aren't official, these are usually the days of the week that we receive a Good Morning Madden stream.

Ultimate Legends Revealed

On Saturday, May 14, more Ultimate Legends were released before the start of Madden 22 Season 4.

Of them all, three cards, in particular, stuck out. One of these cards was the LTD Ed Reed, which is a 99 OVR.

Madden 22 Season 4 Ultimate Legends
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LTD: Get the Ed Reed card in the Ultimate Legends set today

Here's who has been revealed to the Ultimate Legends in Madden 22:

  • Offensive Legend - Bo Jackson
  • Defensive Legend - Bruce Smith
  • LTD - 99 OVR Ed Reed

With more Legends set to be revealed, players can jump into Ultimate Team and start completing sets today.

Madden 22 Golden Ticket Release

Since we're about to see more Golden Ticket cards during Madden 22 Season 4, we figured it'd be smart to take a look at the recent release.

Release 2 took place last week, bringing even more 99 OVR cards to the platform. We'll list a few of the big names below.

Madden 22 Season 4 Golden Tickets
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MORE GOLDEN TICKETS: Get your hands on some 99 OVR cards today

Here are just a few of the available Golden Ticket cards in Madden 22:

  • A.J. Dillon - HB
  • Cam Newton - QB
  • Collin Johnson - WR
  • LaMar Jackson - QB
  • Mike Evans - SS
  • Deion Sanders - WR
  • William Perry - FB

We'll be sure to keep you updated on any more Golden Ticket cards during Madden 22 Season 4.

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