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Madden 22 Franchise Mode: Scouting Update features revealed in new Gridiron Notes

After waiting nearly a month after the release of Madden 22, we're finally getting news surrounding the Scouting Update coming to Franchise Mode.

Here's all the news surrounding the Scouting Update in Madden 22, and all of its new features as revealed by EA in the latest set of Gridiron Notes.

Scouting Update Release Date

Unfortunately, it'll be a while before players are able to access the Scouting features mentioned below. EA plans to release the Scouting update as part of a Title Update in mid-October. This after giving an estimated release window of September before launch.


While the wait can be frustrating, the new Franchise mode features coming in the Scouting Update will offer more control over your Franchise in Madden 22 than ever!

New Scouting Features

The upcoming Scouting update coming to the Madden 22 Franchise Mode has been a long time coming. Players should be excited to see the new additions to the mode, even if they'll have to wait.

We will say, that if you want to take advantage of Scouting, you'll need to restart your Franchise. We understand this could deter some players, but it'll be necessary to use the new scouting.

The Region Breakdown screen in NBA 2K22
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NEW UPDATES: Scouting will bring more depth to Franchise Mode in Madden 22

Here are some of the features headed to Scouting when the update comes out.


A full Scouting Department

You'll have an entire Scouting department to take care of when the update comes out. You'll be able to hire, fire, or re-assign scouts. You'll have five scouts to take care of and assign each of them to proper regions.

In return you can expect the following:

  • In-depth scouting reports including player physicals, traits, and ratings
  • News content that will move players up or down the media big board, impacting draft stock
  • Mock drafts providing a snapshot of who teams are interested in throughout the season
The mock draft screen in Madden 22
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MOCK DRAFTS: Monitor where players are on the Draft Board in Madden 22

Dates & Deadlines

Many people were hoping for the ability to set their scouts up and not have to worry about being penalized if they didn't interact with them. EA listened and you'll now have the ability to do so.

However, if you want to take full advantage of the Scouting in Madden 22, you'll want to remember these important dates:

  • Week 1: Final time to re-assign/hire/fire scouts
  • Week 2: Assign region scouts to individual positions
  • Week 8: Assign national scout to individual positions
  • Week 11: Choose 3 players to focus on where you’ll unlock 30% of a players profile
  • Free Agency Stage 3: Choose 3 players to host for private workouts where you’ll unlock 40% of a players profile

Prospect Percentages

If you're looking for more realism, you'll want to keep an eye on the Prospect percentage when Scouting in Madden 22. Each percentage unlocks more information about the prospect.

The progress report screen in Madden 22
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LEARN MORE: Discover more about your prospects by scouting them in Madden 22

You can use this to learn more and see what the prospect's true talent range is.

Here's how the percentages work for prospects in Franchise Mode:

  • 1% - Baseline physical information for prospects
  • 10% - Player Notes including traits, throw style, etc.
  • Every 10% - 1 attribute is revealed on the skill tab as a letter grade
  • 70% - Player archetype is revealed
  • 100% - All player attributes and true talent range are revealed