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EA teases new Franchise Mode feature for Madden 22

Madden 21 dropped news about a title update today, but keen-eyed viewers noticed a screen behind the Executive Producer in a video about the updates that may have leaked a new feature for Madden 22.

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You can see the screenshot below taken from their third Franchise Update video.

Madden 22 leaks Staff Management?

In the screenshot taken from the Franchise Update video, you can clearly see Staff Management across the top of the screen in what may be new for Madden 22.

Screenshot from Madden 21 franchise update with possible image of Madden 22
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COACHING UPGRADES: Staff Management could be headed to Madden 22

The leak comes from an official video dropped today about a Madden 21 update.

In addition to the update details, we got some words from Seann Graddy, the Executive Producer for Madden NFL, which is where people spotted this.

Franchise Update for Madden 21

While most of the details about the latest Madden 21 update came through the Gridiron Notes provided by EA, it's the screen behind Seann Graddy in his short video discussing the update that fans are focused on.


With these additional improvements being made to Madden 21's Franchise Mode, it's no surprise that EA Sports is also looking at big changes when Madden 22 launches.


The screen behind him looks to indicate a detailed Staff Management feature will be added to Madden 22, which could include Offensive Coordinators, Defensive Coordinators, and more.

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Madden 21 now on EA Play

The title update for Madden 21 is well-timed, as the game just landed on EA Play as a part of The Play List yesterday.

There's no doubt that EA Sports knew what they were doing in landing this Madden 21 title update just a day after the game hit EA Play, but it's not clear if their Staff Management leak for Madden 22 was intentional.


Madden NFL Executive Producer Seann Graddy seemingly must have known the screen behind him would be captured in the video, so this could have been an intentional leak by EA Sports.

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Then again, with the development upgrades to Madden 21 and work on Madden 22 in full swing, it very well could've been accidental, but we'll have to wait to find out more about this new feature.