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Madden 22 Franchise developers reportedly moved to NCAA College Football game

Madden 22 Franchise updates have been a hot topic as of late, but one report about their potential cancellation may have revealed more about the upcoming EA Sports College Football game.

The successor to their NCAA College Football franchise in spirit and concept, if not name, could finally be underway by EA Sports as Madden 22 slows down.

Madden 22 Franchise developers reportedly jump to NCAA College Football game

Madden 22 Franchise has been a central focus since long before Madden 22 even launched back in August.

As far back as the buildup to Madden 21, the #FixMaddenFranchise movement took EA by storm and pushed them to the point of promising major improvements down the line.

Madden 22 franchise
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PICK AND CHOOSE: Scouting brought new levels to Franchise

While some of those have delivered, a recent report by SGO indicated that previously promised Franchise updates had been cancelled by EA.

After EA responded to the situation, SGO released a follow-up reaffirming their original report and giving additional information about the situation.

While they speculated that the cancellation, which three sources confirmed, was likely changed after fan backlash to their report, one key detailed revealed the reason for the possible cancellation.

According to SGO, "We were told, specifically, that the decision was made after members of the Madden development team left to work on EA Sports College Football."

EA Sports College Football release date is still a long way out

While it's definitely exciting news that EA is prioritizing Franchise in EA Sports College Football, the reality is we're still a long way from that game becoming a reality.

It's important to note that, if SGO's reporting and EA's promise both accurate, those developers may be back on Madden 22 for a bit to finish up those impending Franchise updates.

However, that likely won't impact EA Sports College Football, as the earliest we can expect that title is still July 2023.

As much as fans, and likely EA themselves, would love to drop the game in six months, a leaked proposal back in June of 2021 showed their contract term doesn't even begin until July 1, 2023.

EA Sports College Football 24 Release Date
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FOUR YEARS: One big detail is that four years worth of games are in the works

Below the time frame, it confirms that the agreement "covers four titles: '24, '25, '26 and '27 football video games."

That means EA Sports College Football 24, due out in July 2023 at the absolute earliest, is going to be the first one to revive the classic NCAA College Football series.

Whether development ramps up now or after a few more Madden 22 Franchise updates, hopes are high that EA delivers when EA Sports College Football 24 finally arrives.

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