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17 Sep 2020

Madden 21 Ratings Adjustments After Week 1 - Aaron Rodgers, Josh Jacobs, Russell Wilson & more

EA have announced some new Madden 21 ratings adjustments after week 1 of the 2020 NFL season.

While these ratings are still being released, so far, they've included Aaron Rodgers, Adrian Peterson, Davante Adams, Josh Jacobs, Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Zack Martin, and more.

Some players picked up some extra rating after strong performances, but some players dropped after their showings.

Madden 21 Ratings Adjustments

Here are the biggest Madden 21 ratings adjustments of week 1.

Madden 21 LTD Aaron Rodgers
MUT KING: The Newest LTD Aaron Rodgers in MUT 21 is a powerhouse

Aaron Rodgers rose to 90 OVR - going up to 91 Throw Accuracy Short.

Adrian Peterson rose to 80 OVR - going up to 90 Awareness.

Davante Adams, the MUT TOTW player of the week, rose to 95 OVR - going up to 95 Catching.

MUT 21 TOTW Josh Jacobs
COMING UP: Josh Jacobs is making moves after earning his spot on Madden 21 MUT TOTW 1

Josh Jacobs flew up two points to 90 OVR - going up to 86 Strength, 91 Awareness, 95 Break Tackle, 91 Trucking, and 87 Ball Carrier Vision.

Kyler Murray rose to 78 OVR - going up to 94 Acceleration, 91 Ball Carrier Vision, 83 Juke Move, 87 Break Sack, 82 Throw Under Pressure, 86 Throw Accuracy Short, and 87 Throw on the Run.

Russell Wilson Madden 21
FLYING HIGH: Russell Wilson led the Seahawks to a great week 1 win

Russell Wilson rose to a whopping 98 OVR - going up to 97 Awareness, and 96 Throw Under Pressure.

Zack Martin fell to 97 OVR - dropping to 97 Awareness, and 96 Run Block Power.

Stay tuned for other Madden 21 ratings adjustments from week 1 as they come!