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26 Feb 2020

Madden 20: New formations & plays in playbooks

Madden 20: New formations & plays in playbooks

The latest update added new options to most teams. We have the breakdown for you.

The NFL season may be over, but that doesn't mean EA have stopped supporting Madden 20.

Despite the fact that all eyes are now on the NFL Combine, the Draft, next season, and of course Madden 21, EA have updated the playbooks to better reflect the schemes teams ran over the course of the year.

We know that the famous Jet Chip Wasp is now in Madden 20, but what else has been added?

NFL Live Playbook Updates

The Gun Trey Y-Flex Weak offensive package has been added to the Kansas City Chiefs NFL Live Playbook. This is where you will find the Jet Chip Wasp play.

The San Francisco 49ers have got a new I-Form Pro PA TE Screen and Singleback Deuce Close PA Boot Corner Post.

jet chip wasp madden 20

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Meanwhile, the Singeback Deuce Close PA Slide TE Screen has been added to the 49ers, Broncos, Bengals, Falcons, Packers, Rams, Seahawks and Titans.

Singleback Wing Slot PA Y Screen is now in the Buccaneers and Vikings playbooks.

The Far Pro offensive formation is in the Browns playbook. The Split Slot offensive formation is now in the Bears playbook.

The Quarter Overload defensive formation has been added to Buccaneers, Cardinals, Ravens and Titans playbooks while the Dime Rush defensive formation is in the Eagles, Jaguars and Redskins playbooks.

A 4-3 Even 6-1 defensive formation has gone into the Broncos and Seahawks playbooks. Meanwhile, an issue that caused zone swapping in 46 Cub Tampa 2 has been fixed.

Which of these new plays and formations will you be trying?