Madden 20 Ultimate Team: Out of Position Players hit Zero Chill – Calvin Johnson, Pat Ricard, Mike Evans

Zero Chill keeps on receiving updates of new players and solos, who are the newest arrivals?

by Remy Cabache

Zero Chill is rolling on in Madden Ultimate Team as more and more players are released into the game, and more challenges show up to give you the chance to earn coins, Kindling, and all the required pieces to be successful in Zero Chill.

Through the weekend there have been two big additions to the program after we saw Ghosts of Madden Future release into the game. Ghosts of Madden Present have arrived, and so has a group of Out of Position players to spice up your lineup.

Here is everything you need to know about the latest additions.

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Ghosts of Madden Present

If you thought the Ghosts of Madden Future cards were crazy good you’re in for a treat.

Now available are upgraded versions of J.J. Watt, Patrick Mahomes (94 OVR), Todd Gurley II (94 OVR), and Leighton Vander Esch (94 OVR). All four of them are ludicrously good, and if you can snap up all four you’ll be nearly impossible to stop.

Master J.J. Watt (95 OVR)

Watt’s last few seasons have been frustrating as he has battled injuries, but he remains one of the most disruptive players in history when healthy. This card is no different.

With 96 strength, 95 tackle, 95 play recognition, 89 block shedding, 92 power moves and 91 finesse moves, there aren’t any offensive lineman in the game who’ll consistently lock him up against the pass or the run.

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To get him, you can pay anywhere upwards of 375k, or you can complete his set to earn his 95 OVR card, power up item, and NAT versions of the three other Ghosts – Present that you need to complete his set.

Out of Position

OOP is always one of the most eagerly awaited programs in Madden as it gives you the chance to field some of your favorite players all over your lineup, creating matchup nightmares for your opponents.

This year’s crop is led by Master Calvin Johnson at FS and features six other players, they are: MLB Landon Collins (85 OVR), LOLB Josh Allen (87 OVR), WR Joe Webb III (89 OVR), TE Taysom Hill (91 OVR), DT Patrick Ricard (93 OVR), and CB Mike Evans (93 OVR).

Also, LTD Kordell Stewart, at running back, is in the game. The former Steelers QB was so impressive with the ball in his hands, and now you can have him on your team but at RB.

 Master Calvin Johnson (95 OVR)

This card is just unfair. Imagine having a free safety who is 6’5”, with 91 speed and 95 jumping, along with 86 tackle, 92 play recognition, 89 pursuit, 80 man coverage, 94 zone coverage and 87 hit power.

To get him it’ll cost you upwards of 370k coins, or you can exchange OOP Pat Ricard and OOP Mike Evans for OOP Johnson and his Power Up item.

Solo Challenges

Along with a total of 11 new players, there are 20 new challenges available.

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OOP Training Camp

OOP: Boost your team with some stars playing in new spots

Training Camp lets you take control of all seven OOP players and their regular position counterparts.  

There are 14 challenges in total, two for each player, and you can gain up to 7,700 coins, 140 Kindling, one player and 70 Stars.

To complete the challenges to the maximum five stars, all you need to do is beat the challenge and two bonus challenges on pro difficulty and competitive settings.

The rewards you earn here will count towards your overall Zero Chill progress.

A MUTmas Carol

A MUTmas Carol was the second set of solos added to Zero Chill, and this update brings six new challenges to this collection, offering an extra 4,500 coins, 60 Kindling and 18 Stars.

All in all, A MUTmas Carol will give you up to 16,500 coins, 220 Kindling, and 66 Stars.

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Remy Cabache