Madden 20 Ultimate Team: All the best bargain defensive tackles (DT) to buy in MUT – Armstead, Harrison, & more

Every team need some run-stuffers & space-eaters. These big boys are worth every coin in MUT.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Defensive tackles are often forgotten parts of an Ultimate Team, as they rarely put consistent pressure on the opposing quarterback and force turnovers.

However, they are crucial to the overall run defense of a team and help to keep your expensive middle linebackers free from blockers.

With 22 starters it can be tough to fill out a Madden Ultimate team with top level players at every position, so you’ll have to find a few bargains at the Auction House if you really want to compete.

Defensive tackle is one of those spots where you can save some coins and use a bargain or two to fill out your depth chart. So who can you get for under 30,000 coins in Madden 20?

Arik Armstead (86 OVR)

Program: MUT Heroes

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Auction House Value: Xbox – 29,300 / PS4 – 28,900 / PC 30,000

San Francisco’s #1 draft choice in 2015 has been a solid player for them ever since. He’s racked up 10 sacks this season in the middle of their defensive line.

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Arik Armstead’s MUT Heroes card comes with a very nice 85 tackling, 84 strength, and 83 power moves, making him more of a pass rusher than run stuffer, but with 81 block shed he can still fill his gap well.

Damon Harrison (86 OVR)

Program: Core Elite

Team: Detroit Lions

Auction House Value: Xbox – 24,300 / PS4 – 27,000 / PC 28,400

Damon Harrison has long been a stud in the middle of the defense. He was named to the 2016 First Team All-Pro for his sensational run defense.

The best run-stuffer in the NFL right now brings 88 awareness & play recognition to the heart of your defense, along with 87 block shed, 85 strength, and 82 tackling. He is a force in the middle and pretty cheap for those stats.

John Henderson (86 OVR)

Program: Legends

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Auction House Value: Xbox – 25,400 / PS4 – 25,400 / PC 27,900

A mountain of a man, John Henderson was the ninth-overall pick for the Jaguars in 2002 and quickly became a star in the middle of their defense.

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This card comes with 86 strength, awareness, and play recognition as well as 85 block shedding and 85 tackling, and an 83 power move for a bit of pass rush too.

Alan Page (86 OVR)

Program: Legends

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Auction House Value: Xbox – 27,900 / PS4 – 24,300 / PC 26,800

Alan Page is considered one of the greatest to ever play the position and a two-time Defensive Player of the Year. At the heart of the Purple People Eaters in the 70s he came oh so close to a Super Bowl win but never quite got there.

His 86 OVR Legends card has a superb 85 finesse move along with 85 awareness & play recognition, 81 strength, and 81 block shed. He won’t defend the run quite as well as Henderson or Harrison, but he’ll rush the passer much better.

Darnell Dockett (86 OVR)

Program: Legends

Team: Arizona Cardinals

Auction House Value: Xbox – 26,900 / PS4 – 24,400 / PC 27,800

A quality defensive tackle, Darnell Dockett played his whole career with Arizona and went to three Pro Bowls. His first came in 2007 when he racked up nine sacks from his DT spot.

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This Dockett card comes with 85 strength, awareness, and play recognition, as well as 84 block shed, 83 power moves, and 82 tackle.

All the best bargain defensive tackles (DT) in MUT

Player OVR Team Program AH Value (Xbox/PS4)
Arik Armstead 86 San Francisco 49ers MUT Heroes 29.3k / 28.9k
Damon Harrison 86 Detroit Lions Core Elite 24.3k / 27k
John Henderson 86 Jacksonville Jaguars Legends 25.4k / 26k
Alan Page 86 Minnesota Vikings Legends 27.9k / 24.3k
Darnell Dockett 86 Arizona Cardinals Legends 26.9k / 24.4k
Sheldon Richardson 86 New York Jets Flashbacks 28.4k / 26k
Linval Joseph 86 Minnesota Vikings Heavyweights 29.9k / 23.3k
John Henderson 85 Oakland Raiders Legends 20k / 18.9k
Davon Godchaux 85 Miami Dolphins MUT Heroes 18.3k / 20k
Darnell Dockett 85 Arizona Cardinals Legends 18.9k / 18.5k
Alan Page 84 Minnesota Vikings NFL 100 23.4k / 22.4k
Mean Joe Greene 84 Pittsburgh Steelers NFL 100 25k / 23.5k
Michael Pierce 84 Baltimore Ravens Core Elite 17k / 17.1k
John Henderson 84 Jacksonville Jaguars Legends 17.1k / 17.6k
Eddie goldman 84 Chicago Bears MUT Superstars 17.9k / 17.4k
Alan Page 84 Minnesota Vikings Legends 16.6k / 17.9k
Kenny Clark 83 Green Bay Packers Core Elite 9.4k / 9.5k
Dexter Lawrence II 83 New York Giants Harvest 13.1k / 10.9k
Geno Atkins 83 Cincinnati Bengals Core Elite 12.2k / 10.3k
Alan Page 83 Chicago Bears Legends 9.6k / 9.9k

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Madden Ultimate Team can be a daunting maze of challenges, currencies, and lineup choices. It has grown over the last ten years to not only be the biggest mode on the game, but one of the best game modes on any sports title.

The number of formats you can play, the amount of players available, the presentation of it, and most importantly the personalization, make it so diverse and accessible. However, that can be a big overwhelming to new players. Where do you start?

You can find useful tips & tricks to mastering the MUT universe here.

Toby Durant