Madden 20 Ratings: All the best right guards (RG) in franchise mode (PS4 & Xbox One)

Protecting the quarterback and opening lanes is key, so don't sleep on getting a quality guard this year.

The NFL is all about flashy players, big scores, and athletic heroism. As a result the people that actually lay the foundation for dazzling offenses often get ignored.

The offensive line is often seen as a homogeneous block that moves as one, but the skills required for each spot on the line can be very different, and if you skimp at offensive line you have to be prepared to watch your expensive backs get hammered by defenses behind the line of scrimmage while the receivers have no hope of getting the ball as the quarterback is sacked.

One of the most crucial parts of the offense is the right guard spot. These guys are often the tip of the spear on a running play and have a tendency to be left one-on-one in pass situations. With beasts like Aaron Donald and Fletcher Cox waiting to crush your hopes, having a strong right guard is vital.

Who are the best right guards in Madden 20’s franchise mode?

Zack Martin, Dallas Cowboys (96 OVR)

Age: 28

Best Stats: Run Block (97), Run Block Power (97), Pass Block Power (95), Run Block Finesse (95), Lead Block (94), Pass Block (94), Strength (93), Awareness (93)

Zack Martin was a first-round pick for the Dallas Cowboys in 2014 and has been well worth the investment for Jerry Jones. He’s been to the Pro Bowl in each of his 5 years and was a First-Team All-Pro as a rookie, an honor he has received three times now.

Martin’s quality play has resulted in stellar running offense for Dallas, while his pass protection is usually incredible too.

Martin is rated as one of the best players in Madden 20 with that 96 OVR rating. Under that he has superb run block (97), pass block (94), and lead block (94) meaning you can do basically anything you want with him, from pull blocks, to draws, traps, and pass while trusting his game in front of you.

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David DeCastro, Pittsburgh Steelers (93 OVR)

Age: 29

Best Stats: Run Block (94), Run Block Power (94), Pass Block Power (94), Strength (94), Run Block Finesse (93), Pass Block Finesse (93), Lead Block (90), Awareness (90)

A first-round pick in 2012 for the Steelers, David DeCastro missed a lot of time as a rookie and took some time to make up for that. By year 3 though, DeCastro was starting to impose his will on opponents. In year 4 he went to his first Pro Bowl and was named First Team All-Pro, an honor he would also receive in 2017. He is now a firm fixture in the lists of top players in the NFL.

DeCastro is an immensely balanced player in Madden 20. His run block (94), pass block (93), and lead block (90) allow him to do whatever you could ask of him, while his awareness (90) and strength (94) keep him on top of blitzes and devastating in space.

Marshal Yanda, Baltimore Ravens (91 OVR)

Age: 34

Best Stats: Awareness (94), Strength (93), Run Block Power (93), Run Block (92), Impact Block (91), Pass Block Power (90), Run Block Finesse (90), Pass Block (89)

Marshal Yanda has been a superb player for the Baltimore Ravens ever since they took him in the third-round in 2007. He took his time to grow into the NFL, but by his 5th season in 2011 he was a Pro Bowler, and in 2012 he was a Super Bowl champion. Yanda got his first First Team All-Pro spot in 2014 and defended that spot in 2015 before injuries started to slow him down.

In Madden 20 Yanda represents a step down from Martin and DeCastro. He is strong (93) and has brutal run block ability (92). Yanda’s awareness (94) is high but his pass block (89) is not as high as you’d want, but his impact block (91) will still make a difference.

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Brandon Brooks, Philadelphia Eagles (90 OVR)

Age: 29

Best Stats: Strength (96), Pass Block Power (91), Impact Block (90), Pass Block (90), Pass Block Finesse (89), Run Block Finesse (87), Run Block (85)

Brandon Brooks was a third-round pick for the Houston Texans in 2012. He played solid but unspectacular football in 4 years for the Texans but really blossomed when he moved to Philadelphia in 2016. As an Eagle he won his first spot in the Pro Bowl in 2017 as the team ran away to their first Super Bowl victory.

In Madden 20 Brooks is a beast. His strength (96) is impressive. However, it doesn’t fully translate to his other stats. His pass block power (91) is good but his base run block (85) is a little disappointing. His pass block (90) is good, as is his impact block (90).

Shaq Mason, New England Patriots (88 OVR)

Age: 26

Best Stats: Run Block Power (92), Run Block (89), Awareness (89), Lead Block (89), Impact Block (88), Strength (87), Pass Block Power (87)

A fourth-round pick in 2015 for the New England Patriots, Mason has developed into one of the best young players in the NFL, nevermind on the offensive line. The 2-time Super Bowl champion won a starting spot in 2016 and has been a powerful blocker ever since who can be relied upon to open up lanes and protect the passer all day.

In Madden 20 Mason’s run block power (92) is his best attribute. His run block (89) stat is mirrored by his lead block (89) and impact block (88) stat. These are all a step ahead of his pass block (84) which a disappointing stat that needs improvement.

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Brandon Scherff, Washington Redskins (87 OVR)

Age: 27

Best Stats: Strength (92), Lead Block (92), Run Block Finesse (92), Run Block (90), Impact Block (89), Run Block Power (87), Awareness (86), Pass Block Power (86), Pass Block (85)

Brandon Scherff entered the NFL as a much-hyped fifth-overall pick in 2015 out of Iowa. He was a physically imposing left tackle in college that would regularly bury defenders, and despite a move to guard in the NFL he started doing the same thing for the Redskins. Scherff started all 16 games as a rookie and made the Pro Bowl in his second season. Injuries limited him to just 8 games in 2018.

In Madden 20 Scherff’s strength (92) and run block (90) is probably underrated. He has strong lead block (92) so can be devastating on counters and traps, but his pass block (85) will need a little more improving if he wants to be the best at the position.

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Kevin Zeitler, New York Giants (87 OVR)

Age: 29

Best Stats: Pass Block Power (93), Pass Block (92), Strength (91), Pass Block Finesse (91), Lead Block (88), Impact Block (88), Awareness (81)

Kevin Zeitler was a first-round pick for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2012 but is starting 2019 on his third team. Zeitler played very well at Cincinnati and was rewarded with the richest ever contract for a guard in 2017 when he joined Cleveland as a free agent. He played two very good seasons there before being traded to New York for pass rusher Olivier Vernon.

In Madden 20 Zeitler is a pass blocking (92) guard first and foremost. He can handle power (93) and finesse (91) well and has nice lead block (88) and impact block (88) too. A big problem is his poor run block (75) that will limit your success trying to run right. That needs to be the focus of his development.

Zack MartinDallas Cowboys28969497
David DeCastroPittsburgh Steelers29939394
Marshal YandaBaltimore Ravens34918992
Brandon BrooksPhiladelphia Eagles30899085
Shaq MasonNew England Patriots26888489
Brandon ScherffWashington Redskins27878590
Kevin ZeitlerNew York giants29879275
Brian WintersNew York Jets28828184
Austin BlytheLos Angeles Rams27818083
DJ FlukerSeattle Seahawks28818180
Trai TurnerCarolina Panthers26807782
Larry WarfordNew Orleans Saints28798274
Kyle LongChicago Bears30798081
Laurent Duvernay-TardifKansas City Chiefs28787978
Gabe JacksonOakland Raiders28777873
Clint BolingCincinnati Bengals30767576
Zach FultonHouston Texans27757969
Mike PersonSan Francisco 49ers31757876
Justin PughArizona Cardinals29737371
Mark GlowinskiIndianapolis Colts27737674

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