Madden 20: MUT Series 3 is coming - what you need to know

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It's Halloween, which means October is ending, and so is MUT Series 2.

This month has seen MUT focus on the MUT Heroes & Most Feared series, a fun new series cards and challenges that have given every player at least an 80, 85, and 90 OVR player for going 100% on the challenges.

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November will see the start of MUT Series 3. For some players this might not mean too much, but for many it means more than a few changes as well as the opportunity to pick up some LTD cards that have disappeared.

What do you need to know to be ready for MUT Series 3 when it rolls out on November 1?


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SPEND, SPEND, SPEND: Use your Trophies now

Madden's competitive currency can be used to purchase a few things, from the Series 2 Master 93 OVR Melvin Gordon, to the John Madden Master and Midfield, Redzone, and Touchdown packs.

However, at the end of a Series whatever trophies you have in the bank will get HALVED.

If you love to jump into competitive modes like H2H Seasons, Competitive Draft, or dominate Solo Battles, then it won't take you too long to rebuild your stash of Trophies. However, if like most you stick to Solo Challenges and do ok on Solo Battles then it will be devastating to lose half of your Trophies.

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As a result you should spend them before they disappear. The best thing to do is buy the Touchdown Pack or Quicksell. For 220 Trophies you get to choose between 1 of 3 81+ OVR Elite players or get a 65k coins quicksell item.

The best option is always the quicksell item, so if you already have 220 Trophies but not enough for (or no interest in) the Melvin Gordon card then buy up as many Touchdown/Quicksell options as you can.

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EARN A STACK: All those coins could help you buy a superstar

For 90 Trophies the Redzone/Quicksell guarantees 25k coins or a 76+ OVR card, 3 71+, and 2 62+ cards. The Midfield/Quicksell costs 40 Trophies and has 9k coins or a 71+ OVR, 2 67+, and 2 62+ cards. These should be purchased (choosing the Quicksell item) until you can't afford anymore.

After that it's the Wheel of Coins, which gives you a random quicksell betwee 1k & 50k and costs 10 Trophies.

If you have no interest in Madden or Gordon, or whoever the Series 3 Master is...

Who is the Series 3 Master?

There is plenty of speculation around who the Series 3 Master will be. After Gordon it is likely to be a defensive player.

With the Patriots and 49ers defenses playing so incredibly well it would make a lot of sense for one of these players to take up the mantle.

Maybe that means Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore, but he already has a 90 MUT Superstars card as well as 86 Core Elite and a Power Up. Maybe it will be Devin McCourty, who leads the NFL with 5 interceptions, and has no special cards yet.

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Exciting rookie Nick Bosa has been setting the NFL alight recently, but it might be a little early for him to get such a massive OVR (outside of TOTW). Another option then would be 49ers veteran corner Richard Sherman.

Whoever it is, EA are likely to go with a defensive player who will cost a massive 1,050 Trophies if you want them.

Returning LTD cards

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STORE: Buying packs may get more valuable soon

With every new Series in MUT, the LTD cards from the previous Series return to packs. While the border and stamps will be a little different, the cards will otherwise be exactly the same, so if you missed out on some lucky pulls in October you have a chance to greatly improve your team in November.

That means a huge number of cards will be available in the store rather than just the Auction House.

They are:


  • Jamie Collins Sr
  • Mark Ingram II
  • Chris Godwin
  • Deshaun Watson
  • Matt Ryan

Madden Ultimate Team 10

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SAVE COINS: Pulling a MUT 10 card from a pack will save you a lot

  • Julius Peppers
  • Randy Moss
  • Calvin Johnson
  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Deion Sanders
  • Joe Thomas

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Signature Series

  • Travis Kelce
  • Damon Harrison
  • Jason Kelce
  • Telvin Smith
  • Sony Michel
  • Tre'Davious White
  • Russell Wilson
  • Jurrell Casey
  • T.Y. Hilton
  • Chandler Jones
  • Evan Engram
  • Everson Griffen

MUT Heroes

  • Aaron Donald
  • Jadeveon Clowney
  • Alvin Kamara
  • George Kittle

Most Feared

  • Le'Veon Bell

Level cap increase

While not confirmed, it is likely that the MUT level cap will go up from 60 to 70. This will be a welcome move as a lot of players have maxed out their caps, and even the more casual ones will be hitting it soon.

With that increase will come more rewards in the ways of cheap packs, cards, and quicksell items so be ready to dive into the challenges and rake that XP so you can enjoy the benefits that come with higher levels.

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