Madden 20: How to perform the best celebrations & taunts

Rub salt in the wounds and celebrate in style. This is how to pull off EVERY showboating move.

Tom Owen by Tom Owen

Celebrations have been a contentious point in the NFL for a long time. For a long time, they were a huge part of the entertainment but with Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson taking it further and further each year the NFL clamped down.

This year, team celebrations are back to being allowed and true to reality Madden 20 allows you to do this. As with previous years you can also taunt the opponent as you are scoring, but make sure you don’t get caught!

When you have read our offensive guide and practiced the best offensive money plays, you will score for fun and need to know how to celebrate in style.

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  • Hold the RS Right to spike the ball
  • Hold the RS Left to have the player dance
  • Hold the RS Up to trigger a team celebration.
  • Hold the RS Down to unlock a player specific celebration
  • Push the RS in to trigger a swag celebration

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Once you are clear of the opposition, you can do 2 types of taunting;

  • Dive into the end-zone – LT/L2 + X/Square

  • High Step taunt – LT/L2 + RT/R2 + A/X

Enjoy trying these out and have some fun!

Just remember, that taunting slows you down massively and if you do it too soon you can easily be caught from behind by the defense and even fumble the ball.

You want to score in style, but failing to score because of it is the worst.

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