Madden 20: How to break tackles and opponents hearts - Stiff Arms, X-Factor Abilities & more

Running the ball plays a huge role in the outcome of football games. It allows you to control the clock, mix up play calling and keeps the defence guessing.

Breaking tackles is a huge part of the running game. There are plenty of players in the league right now known for destroying defenders, from Ezequiel Elliott (OVR 92) and Todd Gurley (OVR 87).

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Keep reading for RealSport’s top tips on how to break tackles.


Who do you have at RB?

To make the most of breaking tackles you need to have good positional Strength (80+), Trucking (83+), Stiff Arm (84+) and Break Tackle (84+).

Based on the above parameters only 13 players fit the criteria;

E. ElliottDAL9281858988
S. BarkleyNYG8981838692
K. HuntCLE8981898694
N. ChubbCLE8885898595
M. Ingram IIBAL8782898590
D. HenryTEN8685879684
C. CarsonSEA8683979193
J. JacobsOAK8580888689
L. FournetteJAX8484908484
K. JohnsonDET8282868987
J. ConnerPIT8183869087
D. GuiceWAS7980918586
C. HydeHOU7980858482

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Chris Carson (OVR 86) of the Seattle Seahawks and Nick Chubb (OVR 88) of the Cleveland Browns are the stand outs in this list. If you want a tough running game, running over and through defenders then these are guys you should look to acquire.

Key Superstar Abilities

Superstar abilities are new to Madden 20 and there is a widely held view that they are currently overpowered due to being a headline for this years game release.

The most important for breaking tackles is;

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OP: Arm Bar is considered to be stupidly effective if well timed

  • Arm Bar – Ball carriers with this ability have more powerful stiff arm animations

Players who have this ability: Nick Chubb, Ezekiel Elliott, Le’veon Bell, Todd Gurley

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With good performances you can unlock Superstar abilities and develop players to attain Superstar status. But from the start there are 4 players, with the most dangerous all rounder actually being Nick Chubb.

Timing of Precision Skills

Using the precision skills is a key skill for those looking to improve their running game to being above average. There are two key elements with regards to breaking tackles;

  • Stiff Arm - A/X
  • Trucking - Up on RS

The key for success on these is the timing. Both of these buttons slow your runner down, so doing this in open field will lead to you being caught by defenders.

However, a well timed stiff arm can force a tackler off you and break the tackle. Likewise, a well timed truck will run over the defender, particularly with the players in the list above.

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