Madden 20: Everything you need to know about Ultimate Team Harvest – players, sets, challenges & packs

Food and football unite at Thanksgiving. Here’s what you need to know about MUT’s special.

by Remy Cabache

Thanksgiving week is here! In the Madden world that means only one thing: Ultimate Team Harvest.

This year’s iteration comes packed with content, including players, sets, challenges and packs and is officially live.

Here is everything you need to know.


The first thing that you’ll notice is when you load up Ultimate Team is you’ll be given a NAT 82 OVR Night Train Lane along with a MUT Tip. However, as you may do with most MUT Tips, DO NOT discard this one. Instead, add it to the Turkey Stuffers set – but more on that later. In all there are a ton of players available.

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MUT Harvest Masters

These two guys are the cream of the crop.

Michael Irvin (94 OVR)

The Dallas Cowboys’ legend is the best receiver to date in Madden. 92 speed, 93 jumping, 90 catch, 92 catch in traffic, 92 spectacular catch, and excellent route running. You can earn his power up and build up to a truly dominant receiver.

Night Train Lane (94 OVR)

One of the most revered CBs in history, the Detroit Lion doesn’t leave you wanting. He’s big, has 91 speed, 93 jumping, 89 play recognition, 88 man coverage, 93 zone coverage and 90 press coverage. He also has a power up.

Thanksgiving Day All-Stars

There are an additional six Thanksgiving Day All-Stars. These players start at 90 OVR and can each improve two OVR depending on various performance goals for their Thanksgiving Day games. Each is available in a set, but those sets expire on November 28, so get cracking!

  • Dak Prescott
    • 250+ passing years and three+ total touchdowns
  • Micah Hyde
    • Four+ total tackles and one+ interceptions
  • Calvin Ridley
    • 40+ receiving yards and 100+ receiving yards
  • T.J. Hockenson
    • Three+ receptions and one+ total touchdowns
  • Roquan Smith
    • Six+ total tackles and one+ sacks
  • Marshon Lattimore
    • One+ pass defensed and one+ interception

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Turkey Stuffers

Next are the Turkey Stuffers. These are 76 OVR players that you earn by trading in your MUT Tip you are gifted immediately. They can rise up to 92 OVR by adding main course and side dish collectibles – though these will need to be specific collectibles for each step to power up.

  • Tom Brady
  • Quenton Nelson
  • Zach Ertz
  • Odell Beckham Jr
  • Joey Bosa
  • Ryan Kerrigan
  • A.J. Bouye
  • Adrian Amos Jr

MUT Harvest Players

Additionally there is a big group of MUT Harvest players, ranging from 77 OVR to 89 OVR. These are the players who are largely used in sets to unlock the Thanksgiving Day All Stars and Collectibles required to upgrade the Turkey Stuffers.


COMPLETED IT: There are lots of ways to earn rewards from MUT Harvest sets

There are 17 sets available to earn necessary collectibles and players to advance through the program.

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Both Harvest Master sets require 92 OVR versions of all eight Turkey Stuffers, and will reward the Master player, his Power Up and NAT versions of all the Turkey Stuffers.

All of the Thanksgiving Day All-Stars sets require any three 86-89 OVR Harvest players and any two 82-85 OVR Harvest players.

To earn a Turkey Stuffer of your choice you need to trade in one gold Harvest Player. While six gold Harvest Players will earn you all eight Turkey Stuffers.

You can earn all eight Turkey Stuffers by trading in your MUT tip.

There are two ways to earn a Main Course Collectible – used to upgrade the Turkey Stuffers – three 82-85 OVR Elite Harvest Players and six 77-79 OVR Gold Harvest Players, or one 86-89 OVR Elite Harvest Player and two 77-79 OVR Gold Harvest Players.

There are also two ways to earn a Side Dish Collectible. Three Gold Harvest Players, or one 75-79 OVR Gold Player to earn your choice of one Side Dish Food Collectible.

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To earn an Elite Harvest Player you need to exchange two 83-84 OVR Elite, one 80-82 OVR Elite, and two 75-79 OVR Gold players to get a random 82-89 OVR Elite Harvest Player.

For a Gold Harvest Player you need to exchange one 75-79 OVR Gold and one 70-74 OVR Gold Players to get a random 77-79 OVR Gold Harvest Player (not repeatable).


There are three sets of solo challenges for you to play, each rewarding slightly different things.

Harvest Dailies

FOOTBALL IQ: How is your Thanksgiving football knowledge?

Each day you can play a new challenge – the challenges pile up. Each challenge is a historic Thanksgiving Day game and your job is to answer a question with your play.

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If you earn 21 stars you get an additional 10,000 coins.

Backyard Games

THROWBACK: Go back to kids vs parents in the backyard

This consists of 20 solos featuring Kids vs Dads. The Kids are miniature versions of themselves while the Dads are normal size. Each challenge has a theme, like running the ball.

These are the rewards:

  • One Star: Gold Harvest Player
  • 15 Stars: Two Gold Harvest Player
  • 30 Stars: 82-85 Elite Harvest Player
  • 45 Stars: 82-85 Elite Harvest Player and Harvest Uniform (Alternate)
  • 60 Stars: 82-85 Elite Harvest Player
  • 80 Stars: Gold+ Harvest Player
  • 100 Stars: Two Gold Harvest Player

The Turkey Bowl

FAMILY CLASSIC: MUT Harvest’s main event

These challenges are the marquee events, and require ‘Tryouts’ before you can play the full challenges.

The Turkey Bowl Tryouts require you to win eight challenges using each of the eight Turkey Stuffers. You’ll get to choose four of them to keep on your team for use during the Turkey Bowl, so pay attention to how each one plays when you have the opportunity.

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These are the rewards:

  • 10 Stars: MUT Harvest Home Uniform and Team Captain Token
  • 25 Stars: MUT Harvest Away Uniform
  • 129 Stars: 82-85 OVR Elite Harvest Player


BIG BUCKS: Are you going to splash out on MUT Harvest Packs?

There are also nine packs available in the store.

  • Harvest Pack: 28,000 Coins or 500 Points. Contains two 77+ OVR Harvest Players and three Silver or better players.
  • Six Harvest Bundle: 2,200 Points. Contains six Harvest Packs. (Limit of five)
  • 24x Harvest Bundle: 12,000 Points. Contains 24 Harvest Packs and six Random 82-89 OVR Harvest Players. (Limit of three)
  • 82-89 OVR Harvest Player: 150 Points. Contains one 82-89 OVR Harvest Player.
  • 82-89 OVR Harvest Player: 1,560 Training. Contains one 82-89 OVR Harvest Player.
  • 77-79 OVR Harvest Player: 70 Training. Contains one 77-79 OVR Harvest Player.
  • Main Course Fantasy Pack: 2,200 Training. Contains a Fantasy Pack allowing you to select one of the four Main Course Food Collectibles.
  • Side Dish Fantasy Pack: 220 Training. Contains a Fantasy Pack allowing you to select one of the four Side Dish Food Collectibles.
  • Wishbone Pack: 500 Training. Contains a quicksell item worth 100-2,500 Training.

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Remy Cabache