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Madden 19: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Player Ratings, Roster, Depth Chart & Playbooks

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers entered the NFL as an expansion team in 1976. They didn't win a game that year, and only claimed two wins in 1977. By 1979 they were in the playoffs though, and had soon established themselves as a serious NFL team. In the late '90s under Tony Dungy the Bucs became a legitimate contender and in 1999 they made the NFC championship game. They were in the playoffs again in 2000 and 2001 before the reins were handed to Jon Gruden. Standing on the shoulders of the remarkable defense Dungy had built, the Buccaneers won their first Super Bowl in 2002, Gruden's first season as head coach, but since then they have not won a playoff game. In the last seven seasons they have had four head coaches and just one winning season, and now find themselves at a crossroads. Should they continue with the young quarterback they have or strip down the roster and start again? In Madden 19 you can make the decision, and just maybe lead the Buccaneers back to the Super Bowl.

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*All stats correct at time of writing

Team Rating

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers get a 79 overall rating in Madden 19. This isn't great, but it's not the worst in Madden 19 either. It is better than the rating of 9 other teams and tied with the Indianapolis Colts. That puts the Bucs solidly in the middle tier of the NFL. The strength of Tampa Bay is their offense, which gets a healthy 85 rating. This puts them 9th in Madden 19, a remarkable position that makes them a deadly team for offensively-minded players. Defensively the Bucs are less good, receiving a 79 rating, but again this isn't awful. It is better than 4 teams and tied with 3 more.


Lavonte David, Outside Linebacker (OVR 95)

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Age: 28

Development Trait: Star


Contract: 3 years/$26.74 million

2018 Cap Hit: $7.82 million

Best Stats: Pursuit (95), Play Recognition (93), Awareness (93), Tackle (91), Acceleration (90), Block Shedding (88), Speed (86), Zone Coverage (83)

The Buccaneers selected Lavonte David in the second round of the 2012 draft. He was a starter from day 1 and immediately impressed. His range, tackling ability, and coverage skills made him one of the best linebackers in the NFL. In his second season he racked up 145 tackles, 7 sacks, 5 interceptions and was named First Team All-Pro. He only has one Pro Bowl selection to his name thanks in part to playing for a team that does not get much national attention, but David has been the rock of the Bucs defense for his whole career and continues to be one of the best defensive playmakers in the NFL.

Mike Evans, Wide Receiver (OVR 90)

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Age: 25


Development Trait: Star

Contract: 5 years/$84.3 million

2018 Cap Hit: $15.7 million

Best Stats: Catch In Traffic (97), Spectacular Catch (96), Release (95), Jumping (94), Acceleration (92), Speed (89), Medium Route (88), Deep Route (86)

Taken seventh overall by Tampa Bay in the 2014 draft, Mike Evans has been a dynamic threat for Tampa Bay since he first pulled on their jersey. As a rookie Evans caught 12 touchdowns and racked up 1,051 yards. While his touchdown total has fluctuated with the success of the offense around him, he is yet to finish a season with fewer than 1,000 yards and quickly drew attention from opposing defenses. A physical marvel at the position, he can out-jump and bully most cornerbacks while also having the speed to run away from defenses. He is one of the most complete receivers in the NFL today.

Gerald McCoy, Defensive Tackle (OVR 88)

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Age: 30


Development Trait: Star

Contract: 4 years/$57.6 million

2018 Cap Hit: $12.6 million

Best Stats: Strength (92), Tackle (90), Play Recognition (87), Block Shedding (86), Power Moves (86), Hit Power (85), Acceleration (84)

Gerald McCoy was drafted third overall by the Bucs in 2010 and was an immediate star in the heart of Tampa's defensive line. He has racked up 6 Pro Bowl appearances in his career and was named First Team All-Pro in 2013 following a remarkable season that included 9.5 sacks, 21 QB hits, 15 tackles for loss, and 4 pass deflections. McCoy has always been a brute against the run, but his ability to pressure the quarterback and collapse the top of the pocket is what sets him apart from most other defensive tackles.

Jameis Winston, Quarterback (OVR 80)

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Age: 24


Development Trait: Star

Contract: 2 years/$21.7 million

2018 Cap Hit: $10.6 million

Best Stats: Throw Power (95), Break Sack (91), Short Accuracy (86), Throw Under Pressure (84), Throw On Run (83), Play Action (83)

Tampa Bay took Winston #1 overall in the 2015 draft. His career with Bucs has been a bit of a rollercoaster, with off-field incidents and inconsistent play leading to a less-than-healthy relationship with fans. On the field Winston has an 18-27 record as a quarterback, and comes into his fourth year in the NFL with a 60.8 percent completion rate, an average of 3,878 yards per season, and 69 touchdowns to 44 interceptions. With just two years left on his contract in Madden 19 a decision on sticking with Winston or moving on will need to be made soon.

Full Roster & Depth Chart

QB OVR Speed Throw Power Short Accuracy Medium Accuracy Deep Accuracy Throw Under Pressure Play Action
Jameis Winston8080958680778483
Ryan Fitzpatrick7871898681798589
Ryan Griffin6164848276706864
HB OVR Speed Agility Elusiveness Carrying Juke Move Catching
Peyton Barber78888579898264
Jacquizz Rodgers74879174878371
Ronald Jones II72939477868762
Shaun Wilson67908878788265
FB OVR Speed Strength Carrying Pass Block Run Block Lead Block Impact Block
WR OVR Speed Agility Catching Short Route Medium Route Deep Route Catching In Traffic Spectacular Catch Release Jumping
Mike Evans9089868884888697969594
DeSean Jackson8593969082859082867687
Chris Godwin8191868982848184858186
Adam Humphries7988878985827482807483
Justin Watson6991828173717382837193
Bobo Wilson Jr6487887771727076745877
TE OVR Speed Agility Catching Short Route Medium Route Deep Route Run Block
OJ Howard8587828778747061
Cameron Brate8080758576736660
Antony Auclair6676827462575255
Tanner Hudson6582777762575358
Donny Ernsberger6380797260554961
Alan Cross6078727259504157
Garrison Sanborn4265675024171345
OL OVR Speed Strength Pass Block Run Block Lead Block Impact Block
Ali Marpet88738887888387
Demar Dotson86578688788884
Ryan Jensen80629080788384
Donovan Smith72728876728281
Evan Smith70638572768079
Alex Cappa68618273768281
Caleb Benenoch68737872727173
Mike Liedtke66748670747978
Leonard Wester64677973737978
DE OVR Speed Agility Strength Block Shedding Finesse Moves Power Moves
Jason Pierre-Paul83798385788164
Vinny Curry80818281848377
Carl Nassib79787579817181
Noah Spence78808680677967
Jeremiah Ledbetter71786985687561
DT OVR Speed Strength Power Moves Finesse Moves Block Shedding Impact Block
Gerald McCoy88699286778690
Vita Vea81699782618291
Mitch Unrein78738475568587
Beau Allen76608879607581
William Gholston74737774577584
Stevie Tu'ikolovatu71649073577686
Rakeem Nunez-Roches70728075597478
OLB OVR Speed Agility Tackle Hit Power Play Recognition Pursuit Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Lavonte David958687918693957283
Kendell Beckwith757980858677796469
Devante Bond688282776868784557
Cameron Lynch657975767259745868
MLB OVR Speed Agility Tackle Hit Power Play Recognition Pursuit Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Kwon Alexander808784808689837077
Kevin Minter697881848170804960
Adarius Taylor698680797576775465
Jack Cichy668381828054815462
Riley Bullough648180798351786068
Emmanuel Smith598484757656745160
CB OVR Speed Acceleration Agility Man Coverage Zone Coverage Press
Brent Grimes82879191818388
Vernon Hargreaves III77909494767781
Carlton Davis III73888981767279
Ryan Smith72908987747068
Javien Elliott71869083737777
MJ Stewart Jr71878987777282
De'Vante Harris69889292697368
David Rivers64879287737456
FS OVR Speed Acceleration Agility Play Recognition Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Justin Evans77879190746664
Andrew Adams72889284726372
Josh Shaw68909183715560
SS OVR Speed Acceleration Tackle Play Recognition Man Coverage Zone Coverage
Chris Conte71868564786571
Jordan Whitehead68868871636673
Isaiah Johnson67818675616272
ST OVR Kick Power Kick Accuracy
Bryan Anger (P)799587
Cairo Santos759581

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster is far from devoid of talent, but they are not particularly deep. At quarterback Jameis Winston (95 throw power, 86 short accuracy) is a solid quarterback, but he can certainly be improved upon. Around him there is little at running back, where Peyton Barber (91 acceleration, 89 carrying) and rookie Ronald Jones II (93 speed, 86 carrying) will have to share the load. The Bucs are loaded at wide receiver though. Mike Evans (97 catch in traffic, 96 spectacular catch) is an exceptional player and can physically dominate any cornerback, DeSean Jackson (96 agility, 93 speed) is an excellent deep threat, while Adam Humphries (89 catching, 89 acceleration) and Chris Godwin (92 acceleration, 89 catching) are good #3 & #4 options. Tampa also have two solid tight ends in OJ Howard (90 acceleration, 87 catching) and Cameron Brate (87 spectacular catch, 86 acceleration).


Along the offensive line the Bucs are in need of help. There are some talented players you can lean on though, like tackle Demar Dotson (88 pass block, 86 strength) and guard Ali Marpet (88 run block, 87 pass block).

Defensively Tampa are less strong. Gerald McCoy (92 strength, 90 tackle) is an excellent defensive tackle and Vita Vea (97 strength, 89 hit power) is an exciting rookie next to him, but the Buccaneers lack a star at defensive end where Jason Pierre-Paul (88 hit power, 87 play recognition) is the best option. At linebacker Lavonte David (93 play recognition, 91 tackle) is a superstar, and Kwon Alexander (90 acceleration, 89 play recognition) is a very good middle linebacker too. In the secondary things are less sound. Cornerback Brent Grimes (91 agility, 90 play recognition) is good but nearing the end of his career, while Vernon Hargreaves III (94 agility, 90 speed) is yet to live up to his draft position. The real problem position is safety, where both strong and free safety are filled by limited players.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playbook - Offense

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I Form Close Flex


I Form Pro

I Form Slot

I Form Twin TE

Strong I Close

Strong I Pro

Strong I Wing

Weak I Close


Weak I Pro

Weak I Slot

Weak I Wing

Singleback Ace Pair

Singleback Ace Slot

Singleback Bunch

Singleback Deuce Close


Singleback Dice Slot

Singleback Wing Pair

Singleback Wing Stack

Singleback Wing Tight

Singleback Y Trips

Shotgun Bunch

Shotgun Doubles


Shotgun Doubles Flex Wk

Shotgun Doubles Y Off

Shotgun Eagle Trips

Shotgun Empty Base Flex

Shotgun Split Slot

Shotgun Spread Dbl Flex

Shotgun Spread Flex Wk


Shotgun Spread Y-Flex

Shotgun Trio Offset

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive playbook is fairly unexceptional. You get a decent number of I Form sets if that is your thing, but there is no pistol formation and there is limited creativity in the shotgun sets too. There's no stack look, and minimal trips/trio sets too. Shotgun Trio Offset and Split Slot are the best looks here, along with Shotgun Bunch which is traditionally a strong formation in Madden.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playbook - Defense

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4-3 Normal


4-3 Over

4-3 Over Plus

4-3 Under

4-3 Wide 9

46 Bear Under

Nickel Normal

Nickel Double A Gap


Nickel Wide 9

Big Nickel Over G

Dime Normal

Quarter Normal

Quarter 3 Deep

Dollar 3-2-6

Goal Line Defense 5-3-3

Goal Line Defense 5-4-2

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive playbook is a very basic 4-3 one. You have the standard 5 4-3 formations, but you do get the 46 Bear Under look as a pressure/heavy front. There aren't that many nickel & dime packages available here either. You only have 3 nickel looks and none of them change the front dramatically and mix angles. There is only one dime package, and that is the normal one. Big Nickel Over G is likely to be your best sub package, but given the Buccaneers weakness at safety you'll need to improve there as quickly as possible.