Madden 20: Mexico City relocation guide + uniforms and team logos

Want to move your franchise south of the border to Mexico City? We've got you covered.

NFL team have been moving city with regularity of late. The Rams bailed from St. Louis for the greener pastures of Los Angeles, while the Chargers took one look at the new stadium project and jumped on board. Then the Raiders, who had been eyeing up a move to LA too, decided to head to Sin City and take football to Las Vegas.

In Madden 20 you have the chance to move your team to a number of new cities, including south of the border to Mexico City. The NFL has been testing the waters there for the last few years, sending regular season games to the famous Estadio Azteca, and now you can swoop in and claim the enormous fan base for yourself.

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Mexico City stats

Fan interest: 5/6

Market size: Huge

Personality: Hardcore

The NFL has been expanding into the Mexican market of late, with regular season games being played at the iconic Azteca Stadium for the last two years. The interest and market size is both terrific, and while the “hardcore” designation of the personality may be a little worrying, there are no fan riots or pitch invasions in Madden, so you need not panic.

If you do pick Mexico City, you’ll have a choice between the Diablos, the Conquistadors, and the Golden Eagles.

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The Diablos have the edge in terms of fan support, but only just. They are the most original team though, with the other two both echoing already established NFL franchises. If you want a new, fresh team, then the Diablos are for you.

Diablos Uniforms

The Diablos look pretty similar to the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs with their red, black, and white. Style #1 is the furthest from established NFL teams, so if you want to go with the unique team option, you'll probably want to go with that style.

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The color scheme of gold, red, and black is different, and really separates the Conquistadors from established NFL teams. That isn't necessarily a good thing though.

Conquistadors Uniforms

See what I mean? The gold, red, and black is unique, but it's also extremely polarizing. If you like it, you probably love it. But if you don't then you probably hate it, like me. This uniform is just too garish to try and play a game in, nevermind 16.

Golden Eagles

The Golden Eagles logo is like an Aztec version of the Seahawks one, and while the colors on the logo look pretty nice, in the uniforms it's a hideous creation that should not see the light of day.

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Golden Eagles Uniforms

The lurid green with the red and white is designed to resemble the Mexican flag, but the outcome is a nasty clash of colors. Red and green don't go together very often for a reason. You are a braver soul than I if you end up choosing the Golden Eagles.

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