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How to Juke in Madden 23

With the release of Madden 23 finally here for those with Early Access, players need to now how to do some of the specific ball carrier moves

Today, we're going go over how to juke in Madden 23 on every console, giving you a new way to get away from your opponent.

Ball Carrier Moves in Madden 23

Practicing your moves with the ball carrier in Madden 23 is important but one of the most important moves is the juke.

Considering it leaves you less vulnerable than a spin move, players use the juke to cut upfield and it can be used to make quick decisions when approaching a gap.

Madden 23 juke
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HARD CUTS: Use the juke move to quickly change directions in Madden 23

The best part about all the Madden 23 moves is that they're essentially the same on each platform, this includes the Juke.

Just to make sure we're clear, we're going to show you how to juke in Madden 23 on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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How to Juke in Madden 23 (PlayStation)

As we mentioned above, the controls are the same across each platform but it's important for you to know that the RS (right stick) is used to juke.

Performing a juke is simple but it requires timing, too early and it will slow down your runner and leave you vulnerable to a tackle. If you do it too late, it won't matter do much.

Madden 23 controls
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PLAYSTATION CONTROLS: Use the RS to juke in Madden 23

You should also remember that you can only juke to the right or left. If you flick the RS up, you'll trigger the Truck animation, if you move it down, you'll trigger the Dead Leg move.

Now that we've covered how to do it on PlayStation, let's take a look at the Xbox controls in Madden 23.

How to Juke in Madden 23 (Xbox)

Juking on Xbox is the same as it is on PlayStation as you'll use the right stick to control which direction you want to juke in.

Madden 23 is all about timing as the game speed is slightly sped up. You won't have nearly as much time to make a decision this year.

Madden 23
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XBOX CONTROLS: Dance outside the numbers by using the juke move

Use the same RS to juke in Madden 23 but be careful to avoid the spin mover that can be triggered with the same right stick.

To learn more about the Madden 23 controls, follow this link.

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