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All Abilities of League of Legends Newest Champion Nilah

Nilah, League of Legends newest champion has been on the PBE for two days now. With her release, the official Riot announcement of her abilities was also updated.

This melee marksman is attempting to make melee ADCs more popular again and with the recent durability update? The attempt is becoming more and more likely to gain popularity.

Riot described her as an "epic-seeker and woman of unflinching, bombastic glee" but her kit feels as if she will bring the opposite to the Rift...

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Nilah ability rundown

Nilah's abilities hit a large number of sections that make her a brilliant all-rounder ADC. From healing, shielding, movement speed, dashes, and of course damage dealing. This champion looks as if she can hold her own in bot lane.

Q – Formless Blade

Passive: Attacks and ability damage against champions ignore some of their armour. She also heals for part of the damage dealt. This effect scales with crit chance and can overheal, granting Nilah a shield.

Active: Nilah strikes in a line damaging all enemies hit. Hitting an enemy increases Nilah’s attack range and attack speed for a few seconds. Additionally, her basic attacks will splash in a cone, dealing additional damage.

W – Jubilant Veil

Nilah envelopes herself in mist, causing her to briefly gain movement speed and reduce incoming magic damage. She also dodges all incoming basic attacks. Touching an ally champion hides them in the mist, granting them the same bonuses for half the duration.

E – Slipstream

Nilah dashes through a target unit, damaging all enemies she passes through. Nilah can hold 2 charges of Slipstream at once.

Nilah can cast Formless Blade (Q) during Slipstream to pull a wave in her path, dealing damage and activating her empowered attacks.

R – Apotheosis

Nilah spins her weapon in an area around her, dealing damage and pulling enemies in toward the centre with a final burst. This damage heals Nilah for a portion of the damage dealt, converting excess healing into a shield. The healing and shielding scale with critical strike chance and is shared with nearby allies.


Her abilities pair well with an enchanter support. Acting as a vessel to spread the supports buffs, heals, and shields. According to Riot she is created to deal "massive sustained AoE damage". Additionally, with her self-healing and shielding, she makes a strong melee ADC.

Due to her melee kit, she will have to be played close to the enemy laners. Being able to poke and kite is key for an ADC but this can only be done when Nilah is in close range.

Nilah from League of Legends
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Her dashes and increased movement speed can make her quite slippery (pun intended). This means that whilst she is close up to the danger, her engage and disengage are stronger than the usual ADC can help blanket her from any too dangerous situations.

Nilah is due to be released in patch 12.13.

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