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LoL 11.16 patch notes include Sona rework, Coven skins

League of Legends update 11.16 is almost here, and with it comes some big changes.

These include a Sona rework, buffs and nerfs to 14 champions, and 7 new Coven skins.

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Let's get right into it.


LATEST - LoL 11.16 Countdown is ticking

The next League of Legends update, patch 11.16, is just hours out now!

Here's all of the latest information now that Riot has officially revealed the LoL 11.16 patch notes, and all of the changes and new content we'll see.

Release Date

LoL 11.16 will go live on Wednesday, August 11th.

The update will take servers down from roughly 6am to 9am EST, when it will then go live for all players.

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Patch Notes

While we don't have the final LoL 11.16 patch notes yet, we do have some early notes that we expect will mostly make the cut for launch.

Read over all of the expected changes in LoL 11.16 below:

Highlights (Biggest Changes)

LoL 11.16 social leaderboard ranked friends list
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PROGRESS: LoL 11.16 will introduce a social leaderboard for ranked

New Social Leaderboard for Ranked:

  • A social leaderboard will let you see how all of your friends are doing in Ranked (Solo, Duo, Flex)

Dark Seal:

  • AP per stack reduced from 5 to 4
  • Stacks lost on death increased from 4 to 5

Sona Rework:

  • New Passive: Accelerando:
    • Sona's basic abilities grant her permanent Accelerando stacks. Sona gains .5 Non-Ultimate Ability Haste per stack up to 60 Non-Ultimate Ability Haste. Once Sona reaches 60 stacks, her Ultimate cooldown is reduced by 1.5 seconds.
  • Q - Hymn of Valor:
    • Mana Cost decreased from 75-95 to 50-70
    • Grants a stack of Accelerando for each bolt that hits an enemy champion
    • Mana Refund removed
  • W - Aria of Perseverance:
    • Mana Cost reduced from 105-125 to 80-100
    • Grants a stack of Accelerando each time you heal another injured ally or prevent at least 25-125 damage from another ally with shields while they are shielded by Aria of Perseverance
  • E - Song of Celerity
    • Mana Cost decreased from 90 to 65
    • Never grants Accelerando
    • Mana Refund removed
  • R - Crescendo
    • Basic Ability Cooldown Reduction removed
    • Now hits Champions, Minions, and Monsters

Champion Buffs

Jarvan IV

  • Passive Current HP Damage increased from 8% to 10%, R bonus AD ratio 150%-180%


  • W Damage increased from 50-190 to 60-200
  • R Min Damage AD Ratio increased from 20% to 25%


  • Passive Heal increased from 5% to 13%
  • E Damage decreased from 25-125 to 20-120, AP Ratio decreased from 0.8% per 100 AP to 0.7% per 100 AP


  • Move Speed increased from 340 to 345
  • E Total damage increased from 54% AP to 90% AP


  • Bug Fixes
  • Reverting Q showing in Fog of War from LoL 11.15


  • W AD ratio increased from 30-70% to 30-90%


  • Passive AP now grants 1.6 HP per. Grants 1 additional AP per 30 Bonus HP.

Champion Nerfs


  • Passive Monster Damage decreased from 300% to 250%


  • E Cooldown decreased from 11-5 seconds to 11-7 seconds

Lee Sin

  • W Omnivamp decreased from 10-30% to 5-25%


  • W CD increased from 15-11 seconds to 16-12 seconds
  • R CD increased from 110-80 seconds to 120-80 seconds

Tahm Kench

  • Passive damage decreased from 12-60 to 8-60
  • Q Healing decreased from 15-35 to 10-30

Xin Zhao

  • Base AD decreased from 66 to 63


  • Mana increased from 420 to 480
  • E Damage per mine decreased from 40-180 to 30-190, Slow decreased from 30%-50% to 10%-50%


LoL 11.16 introduces a number of new Coven skins to League of Legends.

This includes the following:

  • Coven Ahri
  • Coven Ashe
  • Coven Cassiopeia
  • Coven Evelynn
  • Coven LeBlanc
  • Coven Malphite
  • Coven Warwick