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Counting down to League of Legends patch 11.16

League of Legends patch 11.16 is just hours out now, and now that Riot have officially revealed the patch notes, there are no surprises left!

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Here's all of the latest news around LoL 11.16, including its official patch notes, release time, and more.

LATEST - Official LoL 11.16 Patch Notes Revealed


While the League of Legends development team released some early patch notes weeks before LoL 11.16's release date, Riot have come through to confirm the final changes that are going live on Wednesday.

Read over all the finers details around LoL 11.16 here!

LoL 11.16 Start Time, Release Date

LoL 11.16 will go live on Wednesday, August 11th.

LoL 11.16 Coven Ahri skin splash art
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BIG ENTRANCE: Coven skins are getting expanded in LoL 11.16

While Riot haven't officially confirmed - we can expect LoL 11.16 to go live at 9am EST / 2pm BST after a 3 hour server maintenance period in line with other release schedules.


Patch Notes

We got out first look at LoL 11.16 patch notes from the League of Legends development team through the @LoLDev Twitter account - and Riot will soon confirm final details by officially revealing them.

Read over the update in detail here, and once official changes are confirmed, we'll update with all the latest information!


LoL 11.16 brings 7 new skins to a very popular series of skins in the game - Coven!

These 7 new Coven skins in LoL 11.16 include the following:

  • Coven Ahri
  • Coven Ashe
  • Coven Cassiopeia
  • Coven Evelynn
  • Coven LeBlanc
  • Coven Malphite
  • Coven Warwick