League of Legends Worlds Event Pass: Rewards, Price, and More

Spirit Blossom Yi

Spirit Blossom Yi

Worlds 2022 is here, and with Groups kicking off today, the full event has dropped on the League of Legends client. Whether you're a fan of competitive or just free stuff, there's no better time to hop on.

Alongside the new event comes the brand new Worlds pass, which is unlike the events we've seen so far this year. With new skins and loot drops, here's everything you need to know about the new event.

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League of Legends Worlds Event

The Event shop has been totally redesigned for Worlds 2022, and features a new XP system. Players will have to compelete missions to work their way up the levels, unlocking more and better rewards as they go.

Worlds Azir
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Each tier will of course come with Worlds 2022 tokens, that you can spend in the event shop. Higher tiers unlock better loot, so get grinding, as we only have 5 weeks to earn XP and tokens!

League of Legends Worlds Pass Rewards

As usual, purchasing the event pass will come with a little something extra, and this time it's Worlds Orbs. These are a great way to get skin shards, with the possibility of 4, so it's great value for money.

The big prize skin for earning 2000 Worlds tokens, is Prestige spirit Blossom Master Yi. Love him or hate him, this skin is absolutely gorgeous and you won't want to miss out.

Spirit Blossom Yi
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As you level up in the event you'll unlock better rewards from missions, beginning with orange essence and an event icon. The final big reward is a Worlds 2022 Grab Bag, which is a gold mine for some of the best skins available.

League of Legends Worlds Pass Price

The Event Pass will come at its usual price point of 1650 RP, which works out to around £15, or $20 unless you have some RP saved from your prime gaming capsule.

For the bundle pack, you'll receive Spirit Blossom Master Yi, as well as the icon and champion, so you'll be set to go. As always, the bundle is amazing value for money, but the real rewards come from levelling up the event pass.

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