League of Legends: How to Get the Honor Recall

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Although a small section in the grand scheme of League of Legends, recalling back to base is an important part of the game. After all, if you couldn't do it you'd either have to wait to die or run your way back to base in order to get items.

Unlike other features in the game, it wasn't until 2019 that players could customize the animation—excluding skins. This meant that if you wanted to add some pizazz to your home travels you'd have to reach the highest of heights, the Challenger rank.

Well now, that's all changed as, thanks to Riot wanting to reward good behavior, players who have been highly honorable can get their very own recall animation.

Are you wanting to look fancy when going back to base? Well here's a guide on how to get the League of Legends Honor recall.

League of Legends offers special recall animation for Honorable players

Looking to reward League of Legends players for good behavior via the Honor System, Riot games implemented several rewards to incentivize them to play nice, and that's not just with their champions.

One of these is a special recall animation for the most honorable of players. One that, recently, was unveiled via VFX Artist, Kirsty Doan on Twitter. And thanks to that, every League player wants to get their hands on it.

The recall animation boasts a combination of soft orange colors and gold highlights and is topped off by a chain that encircles the recalling champion—one that pays an homage to the Honor Level 5 graphic. Additionally, a faint silhouette of the same Honor Level 5 symbol floats over the champion's head to even further accentuate one's good behavior in-game.

It's a solid alternative for the players who aren't able to unlock the Challenger recall.

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How to Get the League of Legends Honor Recall

Players looking to get the new fancy Honor recall must first reach Honor Level 3 or higher—don't worry, you automatically start at 2. The way to get Honor is fairly simple, all you have to do is play matchmade games and try to win while staying on your best behavior. This will prompt your teammates to give you Honors following your match.

Additionally, you can have premade teammates give you Honor post-match.

But, just like you can gain Honor levels you can drop them, and even though it's fairly unlikely it'll happen, it can still catch you by surprise. You can drop Honor levels in three ways: Chat Restrictions, bans, or suspensions.

League of Legends: How to Get the Honor Recall - Honor Level 5
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Credit: Riot Games
HONORABLE: Players with good behavior get rewarded

A Chat Restriction drops you down a level in Honor while bans or suspensions put you back down to 0, to add to that, your Honor progress will be locked for some time after your penalty as long as you show signs of reform.

Once you have the required Honor Levels, you'll be able to rock a fancy recall animation. The longevity of the recall on the player differs on the Honor level, and so does the way to obtain it.


Players who are Honor Level 5 receive it permanently. While players who are Honor Level 3 and above have a different set of rules. They must be the required Honor Levels of 3 or 4 and must have been honored by one or more non-premade teammates in their last game. Alternatively, can just be honored by two or more premade teammates as well.

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