LoL "Failed to Fetch Your Summoner Details" Error Message & How to Fix it

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With millions upon millions of users playing League of Legends each day, it'd be a tall task for the popular MOBA to not encounter its fair share of server issues along the way.

These usually come in the form of in-game bugs or errors that can range from minuscule to absolutely game-breaking, in some cases not even allowing players to sign in or play matches at all.

One of the main offenders and oldest culprits is the "Failed to Fetch Your Summoner Details" error.

With that in mind, here's what it is and how to fix it.

League of Legends "Failed to Fetch Your Summoner Details" Error Message

The "Failed to Fetch Your Summoner Details" error is a very common issue that prevents players from entering any game queues.

League of Legends: "Failed to Fetch Your Summoner Details" Error Message & How to Fix it - Failed to Fetch Your Summoner Details error
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Credit: Riot Games
LONG-LASTING: LoL's "Failed to Fetch Your Summoner Details" error has withstood the test of time

This means that players can boot up League just fine, play around in the launcher, maybe buy some skins, and so on... but when it comes to queueing for a match, the error prevents them from doing so.

It's one of the oldest errors in League of Legends as it pertains to players' internet connections, meaning that no one is barred from getting it, regardless of the region they're playing in.

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How to fix the "Failed to Fetch Your Summoner Details" error

Having such a pesky problem can ruin anybody's day, that's why we're here to help you fix it.

Although there isn't an official way to do it, there are several ways to tackle the issue.

Here is what we've found to work best.

Restart Your Router

First and foremost, due to this being an internet issue, go for the easiest and most accessible solution by restarting your router.

When restarting your router, however, make sure you don't log out of League of Legends. This makes certain that the League of Legends launcher registers the fix.

Try another Riot/League of Legends Account

Although this may not be doable by everybody as it requires you to have more than one Riot/League of Legends account, go ahead and log out of the account you're having issues with and try another.

Once that's done, switch back to the original account, and this should help clear things up.

Use the Riot Repair Tool

As always with mostly any League of Legends issue, it doesn't hurt to boot up the good ol' Riot Repair Tool, also known as the Hextech Repair Tool.

League of Legends: "Failed to Fetch Your Summoner Details" Error Message & How to Fix it - Riot Repair Tool
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Credit: Riot Games
CONVENIENT: Riot gives players an easy way to try to fix their LoL launcher

In order to get the Riot Repair Tool, visit Riot's official page here. Once downloaded, follow the instructions and see if the problem persists.

Use a Hotspot

Since this error pertains to players' internet connections, why not try a hotspot?

As one of the few remaining options, it doesn't hurt to go into your phone and prop up a hotspot to see if the issue still remains if you have the service.

Uninstall and re-install League of Legends

When all else fails, why not try one of the oldest video game fixes in the books? If you have the time and the patience, go ahead and uninstall and reinstall League of Legends entirely. Obviously this should be a last resort option, though it is likely to do the trick if other methods fall short.

Sometimes that hard reset is exactly what your client needs.

Contact Riot Support

When you've tried all of the options above and are truly out of alternatives, it doesn't hurt to contact Riot Support directly.


To contact Riot Support, visit Riot's official support website here. Once there, click on "League of Legends", go to "Get Tech Help" and sift through the options offered.

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