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LOL 11.16: Sona rework really feels like a nerf instead

League of Legends Patch 11.16 will officially bring yet another batch of changes for Sona and some more for Karma as well.

Riot's intentions was giving back Sona's relevance as support with a mini-rework; replacing her less rewarding mana refund mechanic. However from players experiencing it on the PBE, the changes are considered as a big nerf in the end.

The comments are mostly negative, considering they gutter her capability to spam abilities, also reducing AP ratios and lack of synergy with champions that generate shield.

Here's what you need to know about LoL 11.16 and its biggest changes for Karma and Sona alike.

Sona Rework

Sona's new rework isn't as extensive as others in the past - but they do offer a new passive, and new ways for each of Sona's abilities to interact (as well as a big change for her ultimate!)

League of Legends Sona Skin Splash Art
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NEW POWER: Sona has some big changes in LoL 11.16, but is she stronger for them?

The majority of changes focus in the new haste mechanic from her passive Accelerando, where she can reduce the cooldown of her ultimate every time she accumulate 120 stacks.

Here are all of the LoL 11.16 Sona changes broken down.

  • Power Chord (Passive):
    • Replaced by Accelerando, a new passive granting Accelerando stacks from basic abilities
      • She gains +0.5 non-Ultimate Ability Haste per stack, up to 60. Once she reaches 60 non-Ultimate Ability Haste, instead of gaining additional Accelerando, she reduces her Crescendo’s (Ultimate) current cooldown by 1.5 seconds.
  • Hymn of Valor (Q):
    • Mana cost: 75-95 change to 50-70 (Mana refund removed)
    • Grants a stack of Accelerando for each bolt that hits an enemy champion.
  • Aria of Perseverance (W):
    • Mana cost: 105-125 change to 80-100 (Mana refund removed)
    • Grants a stack of Accelerando each time you heal another injured ally or prevent at least 25-125 damage from another ally with shields while they are shielded by Aria
  • Song of Celerity (E):
    • Mana cost: 90 change to 65
    • (Mana refund removed) Never grants Accelerando stacks.
  • Crescendo (R):
    • Basic ability cooldown reduction removed
    • Now hits minions and monsters as well as champions

Riot forcing Karma role changes

Karma is one the most flexible enchanters. You can see the character play in mid, top, and support. However, changes included in patch 11.16 will nerf her early game.

Image of Karma, League of Legends spamming energy form her hands.
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MORE HERO CHANGES: Karma will receive big changes as well
  • Gathering Fire (Passive):
    • Reduction of Mantra cooldown increased to 5-7 seconds from 2-5 seconds.
    • This ability doesn’t reduce cooldown upon basic attacks dealt now.
  • Inner Flame (Q):
    • Damage dealt has decreased to 70/120/170/220/270 from 90/135/180/225/270.
    • Ability cooldown decreased to 9/8/7/6/5 from 8/7.5/7/6.5/6
    • Mana cost decreased to 45 from 55
    • Bonus Mantra damage increased to 40/100/160/220 from 25/75/125/175
  • Inspire (E):
    • Ability’s shield increased to 80/125/170/215/260 from 80/120/160/200/240
    • Bonus Move Speed changed to a flat 40% from 40/45/50/55/60%
    • Move Speed granted to nearby allied champion (through Mantra) changed to 30%
  • Mantra (R): Affected by changes in Q and E

Inner Flame will do less damage and have a longer cooldown outside of Mantra usage. A lower mana cost will, however, allow Karma to spam this ability in the late game. Shield movement speed nerfs will also make Karma a harder champion to lane with, but making it through could be very rewarding.

League of Legends 11.16 will be live on August 11th, including new Coven and Old Gods skins, so you don't want to miss it!