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01 Mar 2021

GTA Online's next Summer DLC is going to be huge

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Release Date

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Los Santos Summer Special

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What Do We Want To See?

Los Santos was built for the summer and GTA Online's upcoming summer DLC is going to bring another great batch of content to the ever-growing online experience.

GTA Online's Los Santos is almost always sunny and if there's one area of it that deserves some more light it's the beaches.

Last year, Rockstar Games introduced the Los Santos Summer Special update to GTA Online and now we're looking to Summer 2021 for the next big content addition.

Here's when it could be dropping and what to expect.

Release Date

At the moment, we don't have any confirmation a Summer-themed update is coming to GTA Online in 2021.

However, if we look back at last year's update we can get an estimation as to when we might see it.

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GTA Online's Los Santos Summer Special was announced July 24th 2020 and then released August 11th 2020.

GTA Online Summer DLC Los Santos Summer Special Title Key Art
VAPORWAVE - GTA Online channels its' inner Vice City with this one!

By this logic, then, we should expect to see some summer-based announcement in a few months and the content to release shortly after.

The Cayo Perico Heist update left almost a month between announcement and release, though. So, Rockstar Games could be starting to extend the time between their announcement and the release of future updates.

However, no matter what, we aren't expecting any information regarding any GTA Online Summer DLC anytime soon.

June, July, or even August is when we expect to hear more.

Los Santos Summer Special

If you were wondering what content might be coming in the next GTA Online Summer DLC expansion, the Los Santos Summer Special is the perfect place to look.

This update added a whole host of new modes and in-game items for players to get involved with.

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Six Superyacht Life co-op missions are the highlight in terms of actual content, but a series of new Adversary Modes, Open Wheel Races, and Business Battles kept the existing modes fresh.

GTA Online Summer DLC Superyacht
SUPERYACHT - How are Rockstar Games going to one-up this huge Superyacht?

In addition to this, fifteen vehicles were added alongside over 300 additional clothing options!

With this in mind, it's safe to see that we will most likely be getting more vehicles and vehicle variants alongside a new batch of summer-themed clothing items in 2021's GTA Online Summer DLC expansion.

What Do We Want To See?

We know what we might get, but what do we want to get?

Currently, GTA Online has two major sports players can get involved in; Golf and Tennis.

GTA Online Summer DLC GTA 5 Golf
GTA SPORTS - Do you like playing Golf and Tennis in GTA Online?

We think the next GTA Online Summer DLC expansion would be the perfect place to expand on these and further improve the non-lethal activities available in Los Santos.

This could take the form of a new Golf Course or a few new Tennis Court Locations, however, we think the introduction of something like Beach Volleyball would be perfect for GTA Online's next Summer DLC expansion.

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In addition to this, further exploration into coastline diving would be a fantastic expansion to Los Santos without the need to technically add new areas.

Finally, GTA Online could and should take inspiration from 007's Thunderball outing for its future summer DLC plans.

GTA Online Summer DLC Thunderball 007 Bond Scuba fight
GTA THUNDERBALL? - Would an underwater heist work in GTA Online?

Think about it... GTA Online is built for underwater harpoon combat, right? Well... Okay. It can be built for that if Rockstar Games want it to be and that's the beauty of GTA Online.

For the latest updates on new GTA Online content, be sure to keep an eye on the Rockstar Games social media channels here.

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