EA Sports PGA Tour 3-Click Swing: How to use the new mechanic in-game

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ea sports pga tour 3-click swing explained

We're already loving EA Sports PGA Tour, and the latest update has introduced a classic mechanic that will please many fans - the 3-Click Swing!

It's a great option to use if you don't get on with the analogue stick swing and is a lot easier to master, which can be useful for introducing new players to the game.

Find out everything you need to know about the EA Sports PGA Tour 3-Click Swing mechanic before mastering the technique in-game.

EA Sports PGA Tour 3-Click Swing

The 3-Click Swing mechanic is a classic way of playing golf games and was used in the prior golf title EA released nearly eight years ago, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour.

It was announced that EA Sports PGA Tour wouldn't have the 3-Click Swing mechanic from launch, but that it would be implemented at some point in the game cycle.

Luckily, fans didn't have that long to wait, with Update 2.0 introducing the system to the game on Thursday, 20 April.

The 3-Click Swing is a much simpler way of playing the game, using a button to input the power and accuracy of your swing as opposed to the analogue stick.

You will still need to use the stick when putting, but for all other shots you just need to line it up, then click X on PS5 (or A on Xbox One/PC) a few times.

Using 3-Click Swing makes it easier to hit the perfect shot with more consistent results, but takes away some of the skill and realism of the title.

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How to Switch to 3-Click Swing

Before being able to use the new 3-Click Swing in EA Sports PGA Tour, you must first switch to the mechanic as your preferred choice.

To do this, head to the 'Settings' section on the main screen, then 'Gameplay'.

ea sports pga tour 3-click swing settings
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SELECT YOUR STYLE - Before using the 3-Click Swing, you must first make it your default setting

At the top of the list of customisations is the 'Swing Mechanic' option, where you need to change to '3-Click'.

Then, press X (or A) to apply changes and your golfer will be set up!

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How to use EA Sports PGA Tour 3-Click Swing

In-game, the 3-Click Swing is pretty simple to use, and the first time you enter a game after selecting it as your swing mechanic you will be greeted with a short tutorial.

Timing is everything when using the 3-Click Swing, removing other swing mechanics from the equation.


Once you have lined up your shot in the pre-address stage, you will then address the ball to start your swing.

ea sports pga tour 3-click swing
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SIMPLIFY YOUR SWING - The 3-Click Swing makes everything a lot easier

The instructions for the 3-Click Swing in EA Sports PGA Tour are as follows:

  • Start the swing by pressing X
  • Press X again when the notch is in the white window near the top of the meter for perfect power
  • Press X in the red overswing area for extra power, but note that it speeds up the notch making it harder to time your accuracy
  • Press X one last time when the notch is in the white window near the bottom of the meter for perfect accuracy
  • Pressing X left of the accuracy window will cause you to miss left, while right of the window will cause you to miss right

Note - Instructions are for PS5, when on Xbox One and PC you will be pressing the A button