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Is Venti Coming Back To Genshin Impact?

For players who got to play Genshin Impact on release day, they would remember that Venti was the first character to be given a rate-up on the Wish banner. Fitting, given how integral he was to the prologue chapter featuring Mondstadt.

His offensive, crowd control and support capabilities allowed him to set the bar of how powerful a 5-star character can be, and to this day he remains a top-tier character at any stage of the game.

With that in mind...


Is Venti Coming Back To Genshin Impact?

When his banner ended before Klee took over, many fans were already wondering when Venti would be coming back, especially as the main story in Mondstadt is already finished and the focus is now in the region of Liyue.

Fortunately for some fans, there might be a silver lining to those wishes.

Tidbits of information about the upcoming update 1.4 from dataminers have slowly made its way to intrigued players.

Part of the leak reveals that there will be a festival of sorts called the “Windbloom Festival”, filled with minigames within the City of Freedom.

Given the setting of the occasion, it’s only fitting Venti would take part, and not just because of his occupation as a bard or possible drinks galore; as the leak reveals Venti is confirmed to return on Patch 1.4.

If we follow the six-week pattern of patches, then the next expected date would be on March 17th.

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This would mark the first time a previous rate-up character will be given a rerun as the premiere drop in an event Wish banner.

Considering that Venti was the first limited character to have a rate-up, and his overall popularity within the community, one might say there’s no surprise and it was only a matter of time.

He is a good character and will make a fine addition to any team composition.