Genshin Impact 2.2: How to remove the fog in Tsurumi Island

Tsurumi Island is the last known area of Inazuma in Genshin impact, at least until players have access to Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact 2.4.

A dense fog covers this enigmatic area. If players stay inside of it, they will be sent back to the Statue of the Seven on the island.

Here is our guide so travelers can remove the Fog and start discovering Tsurumi Island.

How to unlock Tsurumi Island

Before starting the journey to Tsurumi Island in Inazuma, it is necessary to accomplish specific requirements.

Particularly Particular Author Quest

Players can visit Tsurumi Island at any time. However, they will rapidly get lost in the Fog. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the steps of a Quest first.

The trip starts in Inazuma. First, players need to visit Katheryne for the Adventurer's Guild. Then, she will send you with the Author Sumida.

She needs help with a quest that not even the bravest members of the guild have solved.

Talking with Katheryne will start the Particularly Particula Author Quest. This mission objective is to retrieve the Maushiro, a strange artifact.

Kama the Sailer

After accepting the commission from Sumida, she will ask you to talk with Kama.

Kama is an NPC character located in Ritou Harbor. He is a native of Tsurumi Island, so he knows well the island's whereabouts. After talking with him, you will teleport to a shore in Tsurumi Island.

Gate in Tsurumi Island
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Gate in Tsurumi Island.

Meeting Ruu

We recommend, after arriving in Tsurumi Island, unlock the Statue of the Seven. It is one of the few things visible on the map.

After that, walk north. Players will run into three camps of Slimes and Hilichurls before reaching the Stone Gate.

After crossing the Stone Gate, the game will start a clip where Paimon and the traveler will meet a little boy called Ruu. At this point, you might be wondering what a little boy doing in a place like this is

Well, he seems to be very knowledgeable about his hometown, which is good, because he will be your guide for the next few days. After talking with Ruu for the first time, a particular part of the Fog will dissipate.

You need to follow him and complete several small quests to clear other areas from the Fog.

Ruu in Genshin Impact
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This cute little boy is a great tour guide

Return of the Fog

Sumida and Ruu's storyline takes several days to complete. After finishing a chapter and traveling back to Inazuma, the fog will be back.

After reporting with Sumida, you can travel to Tsurumi Island and cross the gate again. Then, the fog will vanish.

Ruu is a very lovable character. We will avoid more spoilers. But you are in for quite an emotional ride on Tsurumi Island, so don't skip it just because of the annoying fog!

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